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    2008-2011 ExtJS was thriving. Around 2012 it just seemed the licenses and the "Sencha Complete" pricey bundles left smaller shops in the cold. Having worked with ExtJS since it's early days, the...
  2. Is there a suitable workaround this? What is the recommended way of emptying out a treestore? removeAll() seems to have the same issue as remove() in leaving node traces behind
  3. Very cool, just what I needed! Will give this a shot

  4. No, the application will be an ExtJS application. However, this application is part of a broader Portal that already has the entire ExtJS library (ext-all.js) loaded and cached in client's...
  5. Hi All,

    Is there an option to build an ExtJS application using Cmd, but have the final minified build exclude ExtJS source?

    For a particular application, we're trying to see if Cmd can be used...
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    Completely agree with Mitchell on this.

    We've been using ExtJS for years without Cmd, and yes, it works quite well in IE8 depending on the application type. Sencha Cmd is not *required* to build...
  7. Issue remains in 4.2.2
  8. Hi Gary,The problem is in the implementation of the Ext.ux.DataView.Draggable mixin. As currently implemented, it only works with ONE view. The moment you add the mixin to another dataview it breaks....
  9. Encountering same issue - any updates on this?
  10. looks like wrapping this around a div works:

  11. I've noticed an issue starting from 4.1-RC2 which still exists in 4.1.0 final.

    When I add dockedItems to my Panel - and add an "image" or "imagecomponent" xtype to the Panel, the "width" property...
  12. I ran into the same issue. This definitely needs to be fixed. In enterpries environments static assets (extjs, jquery, etc. etc.) are all hosted on a shared server - different from the app server. In...
  13. I just encountered this same issue. It was painful to pinpoint. More details available at the below thread:

    undefined thrown out to console in IE7 and page render breaks
  15. This is a minor bug that didn't exist in Ext 3.x. If you have a tooltip that contains large text, it does not wrap in IE8 - but wraps as desired in FF/Chrome. It would be good to have consistent...
  16. Thanks Evan. We got around this by attaching a listener and monitoring length. However, I definitely suggest adding the HTML5 dependency in the docs for the maxLength property to avoid others from...
  17. Create a simple textarea, and set a maxLength in addition to enforceMaxLength to true. The enforcing behavior only seems to work in Firefox/Chrome. I tested in IE8 and the enforcing does not work...
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    Sencha folks, any word on this? ExtJS 4 + Desktop ux + Air is a powerful combination that we may avail.
  19. It's very easy to reproduce. Simply create a grid with a column config as follows:

    columns = [ {header:"id", dataIndex:"id", hidden:true} ,{header:"Amount", dataIndex:"amount",...
  20. I did some more testing on this. It looks like it has nothing to do with being the Last Column. The root problem is that if your Model is missing the corresponding field, it shows the dom markup in...
  21. I'm seeing this issue even in 4.0.6 in both FF6 and IE8. Basically, if you have an editable grid and if the LAST column has an editor associated with it, when you click to edit it will show you...
  22. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2a
    Browser versions tested against:

    FF3 (firebug installed)
    Chrome 13.0.782.107
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    Hi Shea,

    I made some updates to make DataDrop a bit more configurable. I had a requirement where, say I dragged a 2 column spreadsheet onto the grid, but it was to be pasted in my GridPanel's...
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    Yes, I don't see why not. I too ended up resorted to using a 3rd party grid within my ExtJS app. The approach I took was rendering my 3rd party grid to a div, and then setting the contentEl on my...
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    Very cool, I'll give it a go

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