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  1. I have an application that heavily depends on 'Routes' & NavigationView.

    Everything works fine except when the app launches an external website for example,

    it launches the...
  2. I'm not using PhoneGap.

    I just have a iOS native project and one of the view points to a sencha touch application. And it loads but, the page is blank.

    Kitchen sink works fine:...
  3. Please try this application on any android devices.

    1) 'Auto' button
    2) 'How much can I Afford? button

  4. Hi,

    I have some sliders and on Android devices the bottom half of the thumb disappears!!

    So instead of a full circle thumb the bottom half are cutoff...

    Any idea?

    Happens on all Android...
  5. I tried this on several different Android phones and it seems like it's happening on every Android devices..

    Please help me resolve this issue.

  6. Any update on this issue? is this real issue? or is there something I can fix on my side?

    I really need to fix this.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. Android 2.3
    Samsung Epic.

    I really really need to fix this defect.

  8. Hi,

    I have some sliders and on Android devices the bottom half of the thumb does NOT display!! So instead of a circle thumb the bottom half are cutoff...

    Any idea?

  9. Okay, Thanks for your response as always, ...

    I already ran into issues with using

    xclass : ''
    Creating Sencha like Buttons.
    Creating NavigationView in Ext JS..

    Any tips & tricks on...
  10. So I built this small sencha touch app (2.0) and I need to convert this to Ext JS for Firefox & some IE's.

    First of all, is this bad idea?

    What is the recommended solution for getting sencha...
  11. I need to create a textfield for entering zipCodes and must use the number keypad !!

    Any idea how?

    If I use the 'numberfield', then the thousand separator appears for a zipcode... and I must...
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    I've been trying to change the background color of an Ext.Msg.alert..

    I tried these two ..

    $sheet-bg-color : #ffffff;
    $sheet-bg-gradient : #ffffff;
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    so i tried to add an image after 'painted' event if I add the button then it works fine.. however, if I add the image then nothing shows up..

    Please show me an example.....

    somehow I have to...
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    I added slider components and a textfield and on 'change' event handler i update the text in the textfield.
    however, now the client wants to see where the textfield gets updated when users drag the...
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    How do I add an image to navigationView bar?

    This works...
    navigationBar : {
    layout : 'hbox',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'button', text : 'melong'
  16. tap listener is added to 'component' not the div tag.

    Do you have any example of this?

  17. xtype : 'component',

    id : 'MainAutoLoanButton',

    // styleHtmlContent : true,
    cls : 'detail',

    listeners : {
    tap : function () {
  18. xtype : 'component',
    styleHtmlContent : true,
    cls : 'detail',
    html : '<div onclick=alert("onClick");>OnClick</div>'

    **This works fine on browsers.

    When I click the text, OnClick I get the...
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    Thanks, at least now I know it's an issue on my side. :))
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    Not exactly sure what changed from Beta 2 to Beta 3 form components.

    This worked fine in Beta2 but in beta3, labelWidth : 0 makes the 'selectfield', 'textfield' width smaller (50%) than what it...
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