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  1. Here goes the renderer:

    displayIcon = function(value){
    switch(value) {
    case 'Idle':
    return '<div class="ux-txt-idle">&nbsp;&nbsp;Setup</div> ';
    case 'Active':
  2. Thanks daiei, will check my expander...
    Just curious whether you are successful to put one gridpanel inside expander? The problem is that the internal gridpanel behaves wired, and also triger...
  3. Replies
    I am also interested in this topic. Has the same problem for grid in expander....
  4. Currently, I tried to find the bar node and hide the bar. But not the good result, the bar will disappear, but the panel will flash in center and then try rendering to whole area, and always rendered...
  5. Hi,
    I wants to restore original border layout in one button click.
    I am using Ext 2.3.0
    My layout is as below:

    var viewport = new Ext.Viewport({
  6. Thanks gotcha, this could be in Ext 3.1? I don't find it in Ext 2.3.

    BR --Ling
  7. Hi,
    I encountered almost the same problem as you. I assign editor to column during onMetaChange function, and reconfigure() the column model in it.
    But the strange part is that, it's working well...
  8. Thanks gotcha, what I missed is a renderer in ColumnModel definition.

    {header: "Country", width: 8, sortable: true, dataIndex: 'action',
    editor: new...
  9. Thanks igcristian. That works!

    I read document for panel tools config, not fully understood. Thanks for explanations.
  10. I encounter same question. I want to add customized icon to tool zone, while the icon won't show up. Could be CSS problems, but not knowing what's wrong:
    I define the customized css in html file:
  11. Hi,

    I am learning Ext JS and just using IconCombo from Sakalos, that's a great component. It works well in form. While when I am trying to put it into grid, it never shows up. Hope to get some...
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    I have checked posts about IconCombo and grid, not found the exact answer for putting IconCombo into grid. What I got is a text column showing the "valueField", no icons and drop-down list.
  13. Hi Doug,

    Tried but still the same, xml source won't change in the display.:-?
  14. Hi, I have one new question concerning fusion chart panel:
    In previous post, I got this:
    It works right only for changing the swf object. If to change both the swf object and xml data source at the...
  15. Thanks hendricd, this solves my problem. Appreciate your nice plug-in!=D>
  16. I found the reason for the local fusion.html no data display issue. May the local swf file corrupted, after I changed a new one, it works good.

    Then comes the layer problem I encountered...
  17. Thanks for your reply.
    But one wired thing is that the demo page fusion.html for version 2.3.0 not working also.

    I modified the data source for the file:
    ,chartURL :...
  18. Hi,

    The demo page showed to me nothing in the chart tab. I don't know why.
    Seems previously it displayed successfully.
    Any idea what's the problem?

    I checked the flash player version is...
  19. see previous problem.
  20. Hi,

    I am new to ExtJs and ux.Fusion, have tried the demo page for fusionchart, but the chart panel is empty without any flash chart. This happens in both IE(6) and FF(3.5.7)
    I searched around,...
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