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  1. In two pictures I can show you how to do it!!!!
    Have a nice day...
    Code Strong.
  2. Hello,

    can you give me a piece of your json data please?
    Maybe I got an idea why this replace you slash by space...
  3. let me explain, I have the same error, what I do, is to set the right path to rvm, Then a choose my right rvm for it's rvm 1.9 and then i call my sencha app build production and it run...
  4. It's simple, sencha command calls ruby to compile sass and compass, so when sencha command says executing compass using system installed ruby runtime, this means, sencha will execute your ruby...
  5. your wrote font-files

    but it is @include font-face('YourFont', inline-font-files('path/YourFont.ttf', truetype));
  6. Hi,

    try to remove the first / in the generated css file.

    it works, so I think it's a path problem maybe in your config.rb or in your scss file.

    good luck
  7. Hi Mitchell,

    Riquiring it no change the trouble.
    maybe it's a bug...
  8. any help?
  9. Hi,

    I'm building my App with sdk sencha touch:
    when i write this command line: "sencha app build testing" i have no errors.
    but when i put my project on a server and then launch my app i have...
  10. i did it,
    it works, but why it's better to do array.get('photo') than
  11. thanks,
    i found the solution:
    the solution is, as sel return an array, I just have to select the object inside the array.

    var icoList = Ext.getCmp('iconlist'), sel =...
  12. someone?
  13. Hi,

    i have a Ext.List with data inside. very simple. is just for a test for now.
    so when i select an item of my list i want to retreive values from it.

    all i do is to get my component
  14. Replies

    as in Ext.js 4.1, is it possible to make a grid?
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    hi,try to directly add you xtype: 'titlebar' inside you new component templist. as you did it:
    { docked: 'top', xtype: 'titlebar', ...
  16. hi arnaud,

    about the rest server for your drupal site,
    you have just put in your .htaccess this code

    .htaccess file contain :
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *
    Header set...
  17. Someone can help us about this bug?
  18. Hi,

    tabpanel must have layout: 'card', only two component must have a layout card it's tabpanel and carousel.
    try this
  19. Yup, try to use value: new Date(), method
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    try to use flex:
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    by default we have:


    and at the same level of my file app i would like to have a folder with it's own MVC-S architecture.
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    Hi all,

    I got a huge question, is it possible to create a multi architecture MVC with sencha touch?
  23. Hi,

    Have you found any solutions?
  24. i did it but nothing!!!!!

    what do you suggest?
  25. Hi Arnaud,

    Can you give me some example code with your Rest modules? (question: does your drupal nodes are propulsed by your rest modules ?)
    and of course your sencha touch code.

    thanks a lot
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