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  1. You need to pass id value as per [url]
  2. Hi,

    I have a combo box with auto complete feature. Once user finsh typing certain number of characters based on a setting, its making a server call and showing the fetched data in the drop down....
  3. I had similar issue. Calling clearFilter() method on datastore fixed my problem. I am not sure whether it will fix your issue or not. Try
  4. Once I again thanks animal. You are savior.

    I see that you have used ds.load() statement before defining the combobox.

    The following alternative also worked. I am mentioning this here for...
  5. Hi Animal,

    Sorry for not being clear. I do not want to implement
  6. Thanks Maxim, Now I can see the data in the combo dropdown. However once I start typing the text in the text area of the combo, filter is not happening. I want to implement a functionality similar to...
  7. I am using the following code to load a combobox. But the combo box is not getting load.
    Any help on this is appreaciated


    var j = {
  8. Hi

    I have grid and a check box. I want to pass check box value as one of the parameter('showMyFiles'). So I am using the following code. Issue is parameter('showMyFiles') value is not getting...
  9. Worked perfectly. Thank you very much redgrey. Appreciate your help.
  10. I do not want any row/column selection in a Ext.Grid. How I can achieve this?

  11. Hi,

    I do not want any row/column selection in a Ext.Grid. How I can achieve this?

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    Can I have atleast synchronous render event? So that I can write code right after grid.render() statement?

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    Yes. I want data to be present on the page.
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    I want to do some post processing after Grid is rendered completely. I am using event handler on
  15. Thanks nagarjuna. Where can I get ext-2.0 Library? I do not see it in Download page.
  16. Hi,

    I am using following code to render a checkbox in one of the columns of a grid(Ext.grid.Grid).
    Could some one please help me in identifying the selected(checked) rows?


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    I am new to web development and planning to use ExtJS with .Net. I have downloaded extjs 1.0.1. I would appreciate if some one could please let me know what are the files that I need to...
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