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    Yes, null or undefined is plotted as 0.

    What I'm trying to do is slightly different.

    Assume T1 is not null and T2 is null.

    So I should always check the next data point to see if its null,...
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    I'm trying to build an area chart and was successful in doing so.

    The x-axis has several timestamps at a regular interval and y axis has some integer values.

    I need to tweak the plotting...
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    Cool...Let me pre-order it... B)
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    Can we expect the book in December itself? Really looking forward to it :)
  5. I have an editable grid containing a column of checkboxes.

    When I check this checkbox, it should select the row containing this checkbox. When I uncheck it,it should deselect.

    I implemented...
  6. Thanks for the reply.
    I dropped the idea.... Thats really pathetic design,rt? :))

    I've reworked on it so that the number of columns wont exceed 20.
  7. Is there any limitation to the number columns permissible in a grid?

    I've created an editable grid that seems to be working fine.

    The number of columns is dynamic, so I generate the column...
  8. The XML gives the values as a string of length of 3. How can I display this in proper format?
    I want to display it as 0% instead of 000%.
    Please help.
  9. Thanks Animal...

    I'm trying to edit the complex layout example in ext js 2.01 example set.

    If I click on a link in the accordion menu,it should open a url (eg:- in the center panel...
  10. Hi all,
    I'm new to Ext JS and trying hard to get things done :D

    I need your valuable help soon...

    I have created a layout with north,west,south and center.

    I'm trying to put a tree menu on...
  11. I want to convert the tables of my html page to be converted to grid.I'm also using the alert box of ext.
    As of now,these are the only features of ext I'm using.

    Please help me to build an ext...
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