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  1. Thanks for replying Scott. I tried using afterrender too - same problem.
    See the screenshots:

    1st image - Mask is correct on 1st panel. (Although note 2nd panel mask message)
    2nd image - Mask is...
  2. Hi. I'm using a mask to 'prevent' access to 3 gridpanels which are in an accordion.

    For each grid, on the 'render' event, I'm creating the mask. The mask works fine for the first grid (top panel...
  3. This did the job:


    Anybody got a better way, I'd love to know. Thanks
  4. Hi. I'm using the RowExpander plugin. It's working great except that the row body content does not update with the record being modified. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

    plugins: [{
  5. Thanks for posting your answer - saved me too!
  6. Hey. Thanks for your response. I'm using 4.0.7
  7. Hey. Thanks for your response. Due to ever nearing deadlines I had to unfortunately abandon Ext JS and use JQuery, which is a litter less tricky for guys at my skill level. I'm embarrased to say that...
  8. I have a textarea in the center region of a viewport. I've set the textarea to be draggable. But as soon as I start dragging, the form field jumps to a new start position. The new start position...
  9. Hi. I've got a viewport. In the west region, I've got a few image components which I've made draggable.
    My problem is that they are only draggable within the west region, and i want to be able to...
  10. Hi drian, thanks for your reply. It makes sense, but what about this...

    i've got a panel instantiated using an xtype, but one of its items is declared statically,
    so that I can simply reference...
  11. Hi, I've seen the instantiating of a class done in 2 ways. eg

    1) (using xtypes) - items: [ {xtype: 'window', id: 'myWindow', ....} ]
    2) items:[ this.myWindow = new Ext.Window({ .... }) ]

  12. Okay, i worked out you can use to get the treenode id in the onNodeDrop.
    Still dont know how to include my custom value in the getDragData though, for example action:'insert'
  13. Hi, I've got a treepanel and a gridpanel which I'm dragging items between.
    On dropping a treenode in the grid (in the onNodeDrop method) I want to be able to access the actual treenode component id....
  14. Hi. I have a treepanel for which i've created a dragzone.
    I would like to get the treenode text in the getDragData function of the dragzone from e

    getDragData: function(e) {
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    Okay, found out how to do this properly.

    Set the value of the combo after the datastore has loaded which is after the combo has rendered (in my case anyway).

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    Hi guys, thanks for responses, turns out I needed - triggerAction:'all' - in my combo config.
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    Thanks for your response.

    I tried selecting by index, just to get anything selected of my ten items:

    render: function() {
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    Hi all, I would be really grateful for some help on this.

    I'm loading a datastore for a combobox - the combobox contains all the items, but I cannot set the value of the combobox to a specific...
  19. Hi , when my gridpanel is inside a tabpanel, its tbar does not show.
    When I take it out of the tabpanel, it does. Any ideas?

    var toolBarForSMSUsersGrid = new Ext.Toolbar({
  20. Thanks for that. I had subsequently found my problem and posted to that effect - but to another question I had asked which was related to this issue (my bad). I was using a header in an ajax request...
  21. SOLVED - Hi all, I've solved this - turns out the ajax request to add nodes was causing the problem - it was using a header object that I apparently didn't need. (I should have mentioned I was using...
  22. I have a treepanel and a formpanel together.
    When i click on a node, it uses the forms load method using the node id.
    I can then modify values and the form and submit.
    This works fine.

    I can...
  23. Hi. I load up a treepanel successfully in both FF and IE.
    I can reload it firefox, but not IE - it just closes to the root node with no child nodes - anybody got any ideas?
    (Sometimes, it will...
  24. Thanks again Condor. Now my grid contains the id and I learned about the cell render functionality - I will still look into 'combocolumn' though. Thank you so much.

    For anyone else who's learning:...
  25. Hi all.

    I'm using the RowEditor plugin on my grid.
    One of the fields uses a combo box.
    When I edit a row, if I change the ComboBox selection, it posts the id (valueField) value in the JSON....
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