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    I think it's better to assume the field is valid by returning true from your vtype function. Then if the async validation fails call field.markInvalid().

    You could also show a loading indicator...
  2. You can stop Firefox checking extension compatibility by going into about:config and setting extensions.checkCompatibility to false.

    Been using FF3.5 with firebug for a while now with no problems....
  3. Nice one, thanks!
  4. Think it should be classed a bug. Thanks.
  5. Suggested fix to Editor.js

    completeEdit : function(remainVisible){
    var v = this.getValue();
  6. update:

    Calling editor.getValue() in the complete event returns the correct value as set in beforecomplete. Guess the bug is that the value arguments passed to the events are stored locally and...
  7. Hi

    I am trying to change the value of an Ext.Editor component in the beforecomplete event, but the change isn't applied when the complete event fires.

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD...
  8. briliant, thanks both for the quick action
  9. ok, will it also be fixed in the trunk?

    Thanks for your help
  10. Element.insertFirst() used to accept a string id of a dom element to insert. It now just inserts the string itself (with the latest 3.0 build).

    Is this by design or a bug?

    Reposted here from...
  11. Great, that fixes it thanks.

    I'm confused about what should be included in the build though.

    There is no file "core\core\CompositeElement.js"

    src/ext.jsb includes these for ext-all:

  12. Definitely, thanks.
  13. Hi

    I have been using the following code for ages. Until recently it has worked but now is broken (i am using latest code from SVN).'p', true,...
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    I've got Google Analytics working now. Solution is to put a hidden iframe in the AIR app which serves a page from my web server. That page has the Google Analytics code on it and calls trackPageView...
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    Has anyone got experience tracking usage of an AIR app? Ideally I'd like to include Google Analytics, but I'm finding it hard to get any useful info on doing this or alternative techniques.
  16. +1

    Also the Ext blog isn't updated enough. Gives the (wrong) impression to new visitors that not much is going on.
  17. great thanks - I was overcomplicating it :)
  18. I just came across this issue trying:

    Ext.num('1',0) //returns 0Expected it to return 1 (as a number). Would be great if it did the conversion - i guess it would have to decide on parseInt or...
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    Check out

    Uses Ext for the search form and some other bits and pieces.
  20. Yep, I'm seeing the same awful performance in IE8 RC1.

    I have a standard form panel but even hovering over buttons takes about a second to update the class to show the hover state.

    Changing to...
  21. This problem still exists in 2.2.

    I also tried setting ctCls and this doesn't work either (cls does though).

    In the end I settled on this to set the Id of the container.

  22. ok I see now - thanks for the explanation.
  23. I've just encountered this problem. Any reason for the inconsistency in the way defaults are applied to lazy config objects and instantiated components? It would seem logical for defaults to be...
  24. Just used the above code to make the slider save it's value in state. Found i needed to add this.stateful = true; to the afterRender function:

    afterRender: function() {
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    I just found this post because I was getting the same error "path is undefined" when reloading the store of a DataView.

    Fixed when I added the itemSelector config option to the DataView.
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