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  1. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  2. Not reproducible and updated to Version: 1.2.3 and Build: 50.

    Can you please provide machine configuration.
  3. Logged the bug and thanks for reporting.
  4. Please can you elaborate or send the reproducible steps.
  5. Thanks.. Logged the defect.
  6. It won't set the value, just filters the properties.
  7. Hi All,

    I am new to ext designer.
    Can any one please tell me how to create datastore of arraystore type and load the data into component.

  8. Can you please provide some more details and screenshot.
  9. HI There,

    I am new to ext designer and working on Cars demo which is available in sencha website and downloaded it.
    In URL Prefix i need to mention the path where Cars.json file resides. This...
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