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  1. Is there a convenient method (or property) to retain the field values inside a floating panel when the panel is triggered by a hide/show call?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I've done the CSS approach for now.

    I'm wondering if this is a bug because other configs (width, hidden, etc.) are working but not hideHeaders.
  3. I wanted to remove the column headers on the fly (gridpanel already rendered)

    Ext.apply(gridPanel, {hideHeaders:true});

    This doesn't work.

    I added gridPanel.doLayout() and...
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    Someone answered this question in SO:

    The solution is to use the css below for...
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    Is it possible to put label at bottom of text field?
    I'm required to have the UI look like a PDF/printed form where most of the field labels are centered below input fields.

    A CSS...
  6. How about:

    a) boxKontoInfos.getHeader().addClass('header');
    b) boxKontoInfos.getHeader().addCls('header');
  7. Thanks Brian for the quick reply... it works!!!

    We've tried before to use the delay... but what we did is to delay the methods inside the "change" event.

    We never thought about delaying the...
  8. What event in FileField can I use to call a global controller (that holds the form.submit)?

    I've tried the 'change' event but it's not working.
    The log tells that the controller was called, the...
  9. In MacOS, undo command (command + z):
    1. executes two-steps undo.
    2. undo codes even if the codes are not in the current active/editable pane:
    (ex.: change 3 lines of code in...
  10. IMHO:

    1. General search results:
    Google search returns more results from SO than in Sencha.
    I hope Sencha could catch-up regarding this (more SEO work).

    2. Sample codes:
  11. Thanks Skirtle,

    With regards to:

    Hope this brings value... (disregard if not):

    component.addCls(newCssClass, removable)... an optional boolean parameter to tag the cssClass as removable....
  12. Noted Gary, thanks.

    With regards to my other question on performance, I think it's up to me to dig into ExtJS documentation and codes... and from there decide if I should use the wrapper methods...
  13. While waiting for the best answer, I'll use replaceCls([cssClass1, cssClass2, cssClass3], cssClassA) for now:

  14. What's the best way to "reset" or "remove all" user-added css classes without manually tracking what css class/es were previously added?

    My usecase is that I have a text field called Sales Order...
  15. I would like to know the community's preferred JS Security framework for ExtJS.

    There are community-contributed bits of security codes that I'm using for quite sometime now... but I'm moving...
  16. Well, as you have said, there's no such integration out there 'yet'... and that's my biggest bump so far.

    I want to get insights from Sencha themselves if BPM is in their roadmap.
    If none, then...
  17. Hi,

    I have projects which mandate the use of BPM framework.

    Is there a guide in how ExtJS will integrate with open source BPM framework (like Bonita)?
    I've seen in Bonita that they have...
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    If "Print Preview Failed" is encountered intermittently, then make sure that the GRID is fully rendered (with data) before calling the print method... (JS is async in nature and needs callback and...
  19. Looping through slideIn/slideOut of an image, while changing its src in each iteration will have a 'gap' in between animation (it might be that the second slideIn is waiting for the first slideOut to...
  20. Is there a way to upload image file (<300K) in Fiddle?

    I've seen folder, js, and css type so far but no img when creating resource.

    I'm trying to share a code I made for an InfiteSlideShow...
  21. I'm in Extjs 4.2 and I found these two solutions that works to dynamically change label and style of slider component:


  22. I can't upload the screenshot as of 12/7/2014. Error from Sencha is:

    <p>Database Error</p>
  23. This function is called when user mouse-rightclick a row in a grid:

    onSalesOrderProductGridPanelItemContextMenu: function(dataview, record, item, index, e, eOpts) {
  24. I would like to suggest as well:
    Add another key in calling code assist, let say in MacOS
    1. control + spacebar (the current code assist call)
    2. control + a + spacebar ('All' code assist - to...
  25. I got your point in there.

    But my point really is why remove others which are not yet used?
    Let say I used .setValue(), and .setVisible().... then all the other .set... methods are removed from...
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