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  1. Hi Daniel,

    I suggest you delete your post before your manager see it . your suggestion not only ridicules , it's illegal .

    I hope I will get better reply from another sales person
  2. this doesn't make sense . it's logical if i purchase one with maintenance and support for development but for my customer which using the app i created with extjs framework, to them paying sencha...
  3. is it possible to purchase license without maintenance and support?
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    Have anyone try to create a single page web application ( mdi window) using extjs ? for example an inventory application.

    I wish to create one , I have some question and hope someone can...
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    Hi ,

    I have a click issue with on touch screen

    usually using mouse , I do this
    menu1 -> click -> menu2 -> move mouse cursor to one of the menu -> menu3

    on touch screen become...
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