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  1. I have the selectfield on form and it doesn't have CANCEL and DONE button on the screen when using Blackberry 9790.

    I have added

    defaultPhonePickerConfig: {

    doneButton: 'Select',...
  2. Hi everyone,

    The selectfield has no button on Blackberry model 9780 but buttons had appeared on Blackberry model 9900. Anyone know how to fix this?


  3. Hi bluehipy,

    Thank you for your response. I added the code but the buttons are still not show up. Any suggestions?


  4. Hi everyone,

    I have the selectfield in my program and it doesn't have CANCEL and DONE button on the screen when using Blackberry 9790.

    Anyone has any suggestins?

    Thank you in advince.
  5. Ext.getStore('storeName').removeAll();
  6. Replies
    readOnly: true;
  7. Hi Sencha Team,

    I think this is a bug in sencha-touch-all.js. Inside this .js, it can't handle "btn.go" and had error message of "Cannot call method 'split' of undefined". But...
  8. Yes, this is better solution. Thanks!
  9. I got it.

    Ext.getStore('People').data=new Ext.util.MixedCollection();
  10. I have the same problem.
  11. Hi everyone,

    We have a view that has the search field and the list as result to search people and it works well in version 1. When left this view and come back to this view to do another search,...
  12. Thank you again Maarten. I tested it, it stopped at code for Backbutton. The code is at controller.js

    'button[go]': {
    tap: function(btn) {
    viewport =...
  13. Thank you Maarten, I made the change and got the following error.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'split' of undefined

    Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Hi All,

    I have done my program and run well on http://localhost:8080/myapp. Now I have changed index.jsp

    .../sencha-touch-2.0.0-gpl/sench-touch-debug.js to...
  15. Will index.jsp and index.html make the difference? I used index.jsp not index.html.
  16. I want to use SDK to create a .jsb3 file. There are no error mesage. Any suggestions?Thanks.
  17. Hi All,

    I have installed SDK tools under C:\sencha and I have all commands listed when typing 'sencha' under C:\sencha, then I typed under C:\myapp\'sencha create jsb -a index.jsp -p app.jsb3', it...
  18. Hi Tchinkatchuk,

    Since the textfield doesn't work, I found another way to do the trick.

    I use the XTemplate with the list. Here is the code.

    { xtype: 'list',
    store: 'mystore';
    itemTpl: new...
  19. Thank you Rhoover. I got it!
  20. Hello,

    I have several cards that display several different lists. When the item in the list has been selected, the background color in the selected item will be changed to default blue. How can I...
  21. Thank you to let me know!
  22. Hello,

    I have a panel that has a toolbar on top with a search field, when user types the character, the result will show up below the toolbar. I want to make the search field is focused when the...
  23. Hi mmourtada,

    I have the problem to display a phone number variable with html code. Could you please let me know how you put code <a href="tel:+12222225555">1-222-222-5555</a> to display on the...
  24. Please, anyone can help? Thanks.
  25. Yes, no update. Just display the email address and make it clickable so when clicking the email address, it will link to mail DB. I think I need to enter the code <a href="mailto:...
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