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  1. Is there a way way to re-initialize Ext.device.Device or something like that?
  2. I am currently getting the name/platform/uuid of my android device using the following code:

    var devicename =;
    var deviceplatform = Ext.device.Device.platform;
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    I am just using a default project with one window for testing but I am trying to use ExtJS with a python micro framework for a simple app. However you have to put your static files in /static and...
  4. So as it turns out...

    On android if your app is served on SSL where the certificate is expired or invalid for the domain, like the default one from your webhost, Android will not display the...
  5. It looks like it's setup pretty different from the Mac version. In the mac version instead of symlinks in any bin directories variables are exported in your ~/.profile and the path to the framework...
  6. What you had before looks right if you use the sencha command out of a framework folder.

    What I would do is remove the .senchasdk file and run the sencha command from inside the framework folder. ...
  7. Just some more information:

    If I do:


    The empty mask is shown.
  8. Maybe. I've also tried creating a mask and then immediately hiding it and that isn't working either. However when a list is loading it displays a mask and then hides it ok.
  9. There aren't any errors at all. It sees it as a valid call. I am passing scope into the ajax function and all of the other calls using this.getViewportREF() work without any issues.
  10. Is there some code I need to add into the html file?
  11. I'm sorry but isn't that what I am doing?
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    I am currently doing this by just hitting deploy and then copy. Once everything is copied to my production folder I just sync it with my web server. It works just fine.

    There is probably a lot...
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    Embed it with an iframe.
  14. Just a side note I have tried both .setMasked(false) and .unmask().

    Thanks again,

  15. Hello everyone,

    I am having a strange problem I have been working on for about a week now. Right before I send the ajax request to process the logon for my application, I display a mask saying...
  16. Hello everyone. I have what is hopefully a simple issue. I am trying to get an icon for my app on my home screen on my phone. I am running android. Here are a few qualifiers to my problem:

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    Does the lack of responses mean this was a super dumb question and I'm going to be kicking myself for asking it later? :D

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    I was wondering what the "correct" way to make just a simple form to use on a website when you don't need to build a whole application. Say a simple login form using standard submit. Do you just...
  19. That's pretty awesome. So just remember that it capitalizes the first letter of the reference then.
  20. How are you able to do:


    I saw that in the example project as well but couldn't find it in the documentation. Probably because I'm not sure what it is called. You aren't using...
  21. Since day one it's been on the right. Which means for everyone who has been using the designer for awhile that is what we are used to. I say leave the default being the right. If it's an option...
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    I don't think you can just click the root element and view all the code and edit it. At least I didn't find a way to. But if you say add a click event to a button, you will be able to edit that.
  23. Quick question for everyone. I'm trying to get accustomed to how ExtJS's querying works and I'm apparently not understanding something.

    If I do this on a form panels render event:
  24. Once I added queryMode: 'local' it then worked fine. Without it, it doesn't load the first time but does on the second click. Thank you again for your help.
  25. I do not see any errors what so ever. Maybe I missed something? Here is where I am currently:

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    Ext.define('Logmeon.model.AddUserFormStatusModel', {
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