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  1. +1 Excellent tip, works perfectly for me in 4.2.3.
  2. Well, it looks like that works for event binding "clicks", but my controller action "clicks" are still lost...
  3. Do you know where it was fixed? As in, what file was changed to fix this?
  4. This may or may not help, but setting "Path" to Ruby on top and Java on the bottom finally made Architect recognize that Java was installed in Win 8.1 Pro running SA3 (build 1382)

  5. Workaround: manually adding back the "editable" config to the columns works & does not get erased.
  6. Steps to reproduce:
    1. Add a TouchGrid to project (2.3.x)
    2. Add editable plugin (all columns are automatically set to 'editable: true')
    3. Save
    4. Close
    5. Open project ("editable" is missing...
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    @dawesi Thanks for the guide! This should really be covered in the Architect docs.
  8. +1
  9. Getting the same error. Publish worked fine before upgrading to 1343
  10. +1
  11. +1
  12. Steps:
    1. Add neptune-based theme to project
    2. Add some buttons (regular or toolbar, small, medium etc.)
    3. Add custom button uis for each
    4. Go crazy with border radius
    5a. Watch buttons grow...
  13. Thanks for the reply. Posting that "working" XDA from the presentation -- even with local data -- would be helpful too... the version on your Github is in sad shape!
  14. 1. (reference)

    This only includes models. This is better, but still useless given #2

    2. "You won't need to worry about the backend or creating test...
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    @ramcoder -- we need the .xda file to view anything.
  16. 1. If I change the global variable "button default base color" to, say, #000 (or #000000) on a Neptune based theme, the results show up beautifully in the canvas and in Chrome, but in IE7-IE10 (!)...
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