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  1. What is KISS?
    How can i 'FORGET THE GRID' when it is the main part of what I am trying to do?

    Everything is displaying fine, my only question is to do with the resizing of the grid when you...
  2. Either this does not solve my problem or I have done it wrong...

    I changed this:

    document_grid =new Ext.grid.GridPanel({

  3. Somebody please help me!
    I am new to Ext and am working my way through the 'Learning Ext JS' book which is very good just so you know!

    As the title suggests, I am trying (or so I think) to add a...
  4. Delete this thread - cant find how?!
    I re-posted in the correct section, Ext 2 Help not GWT!
  5. I am having the same problem but in Firefox only - the grid loads but no data! The data is there in IE.


    ClosedTasksDataStore = new...
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