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    Hello Evan,

    Yes, but you have to click again inside and outside the field

    5 ) click inside the field
    6 ) click outside the field

    Tried on Chrome 35 and Firefox PC/Mac, same issue.
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    In some case, when time field is emptied, there is a validation error even with allowBlank:true
    Use my fiddle to test.

    Set or choose a valid time....
  3. Hi,

    Great work ! Thanks.

    I'm using it in a grid cell editor but there is a bug when any time value (H,i, s) is set to "00"

    Here is my js code for the grid column :

  4. Hello,

    A simple little bug...

    Opera 11.61 OSX 10.7

    Open Ext examples : .../examples/form/dynamic.html

    Form 3, textfield with email vtype : the delete key do not work. No action.
  5. sorry ... you're right ...
  6. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.1b1
    Ext 4.1b2
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 17 Osx 10.7
    IE 9 Win 7
    FF 9 Win 7
    Safari 5 Osx 10.7
  7. Thanks Mitchell.
  8. Hi,

    I'm using TinyMCE to edit some DIVs on demand from a Ext generated page.
    TMCE just take the DIV innerHTML and allow to edit it. And the html code is saved in database.
    But when Ext create...
  9. A little bug when using a combo box inside a floating panel...
    An opened combo list do not disappear if you leave the contener floating panel without selecting a value.

    If you leave the panel...
  10. Ok... Sorry ... You're right...

    I tested it with IETester on PC, and it seems that IETester overide or intercept some events ...
    Tested on a real IE6 and IE8, everything is OK ...
  11. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for your answer, but ...

    Could you confirm that you test it with an earlier or final 4.1 version ?

    A test with this simple code and 4.1 public B1 still do not work for...
  12. Hello.

    On IE, before IE9, the specialkey event do not work for key "ENTER".

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    items: [{
    xtype: 'textfield',
    name: 'name',
  13. Hi Doug.

    No news about alpha 3 ?
    Or maybe an alpha 2b resolving the "hide menu on click in iframe" bug ? :-)

  14. Hi Doug,

    Great work !

    A quick test on Chrome Mac 12.0.742.100 and a bug report : sometimes, click on Iframe do not dismiss menu.

    To reproduce issue :
    - click on "Other sites", menu is...
  15. To be a little serious, I think of course you're right in a global approach...

    Coding is like anything else ... several ways to get the same result.
    As I work alone, I use the easiest way...
  16. @Allan

    With "new RegExp" out of the loop, RegExp wins ...

    var value = "10.2";
    var reg = new RegExp('/^[0-9]+.[0-9]{2}$/');

    var start = new Date;
  17. @JanVenekamp : "You might want to take a look at regular expressions."

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    You're right ... but there is a problem ... I HATE regular expressions ! :)

    First, I think...
  18. Hi,

    Here is two (very) simple modifications for "numberfield" prototype.
    For beginners ...

    A new param "forceDecimals", to force formatting of the string value with as many decimals than...
  19. Nice work.

    A quick view in Chrome 12 Mac let me see that tab title overflow ("Normal tab" and "Disabled tab" in third example) add a scroller under text.

    I think you have just to force...
  20. no post, no trap ... :-)
  21. @Valter
    I think you misunderstood my post ...
    Maybe my poor english ... :-)
    The trouble is precisely that when the field is empty, actually (4.0.2) there is NO post ... like a checkbox or radio...
  22. V 4.0.2
    When a "datefield" have empty value, the field is not sent in POST.
    This is not compliant with html standard behavior ...

    So, I think it's a bug.

    In /src/form/field/Date.js, I think...
  23. Thanks.

    If correct one is "tooltip", in live doc Ext.panel.Panel> Config options > tools > "Example usage" : option is still "qtip".
    May be just not already updated ...
  24. There is a bug in panel tool "qtip" option if we use a simple string as param.

    In documentation :
    Ext.panel.Tool > Config options : "tooltip" is mentioned, old param no longer valid.

    In src >...
  25. As said in this thread, since EXT4, there is no way to simply set a default display value (and keep it on trigger click) to a combo with a remote store.
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