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  1. Hi bgarcinez

    Thanks for the work around,

    I would however suggest as an improvement not to use label but directly a container:
    - Labels are for forms and therefor have more code/logic around...
  2. Hi All

    I have Ext.grid.Panel with some of the columns who have an editor attached to them.

    Everything works fine when I test in Chrome, but when I text this in IE8 the changing of cells doesn't...
  3. Hi Animal,

    I understand the problems behind

    renderer: function (v, m, r) {
    var id =;
    Ext.defer(function () {
    Ext.widget('button', {
    renderTo: id,
  4. :((

    I was wandering if there was a way to do something like : = Ext.create('Sapsales.model.sales.Company',{
    name: 'MyCompany',
  5. Hi All

    I've been wandering if there was a shorter way to create data for a store than this :

    var companyInput = Ext.create('Sapsales.model.sales.CompanyInputs',{
  6. First, thanks for this guys can't wait for the official release :D

    For those who still have the

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'pseudos' of undefined

    I found that the...
  7. gustavo.galan, I just wanted to point out that it is a beta version. But I agree that sencha does have a tendency to skip over some explanations that could be useful for new comers such as myself :D
  8. Ok that solves part of my problem ;)
    (the 00000 things was because I was reading directly a slider value into the html of a panel).

    What I was really wandering (I apologise I should have been...
  9. Hi All

    Just wandering if there is a good way to convert a float to a string in % ?


    data: 0.45
    value returned: '45%'

    I'm currently doing
  10. Replies
    Are you asking how to make sure the user has entered only numbers ?

    If this is linked to a model then you can have a look into the validation of the fields
  11. I forgot to add that I'm using the Sencha Touch 2.0.0 release with no extras (for the moment at least :))
  12. Hi Guys

    I just bumped into this problem while using sliderfield in a form,

    If I set the field as in the doc example:

    xtype: 'sliderfield',label: 'Slider Test',
    minValue: 24,
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