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  1. The problem was in the CheckHeader.css file, the hight was set in the file and not by ext-all.css
    problem resolved once i removed this /*height: 14px;*/ line.
  2. it doesnt work, get the following error after performing all steps described here...
  3. sorry didnt see that the sdk need to be installed first.
  4. i am getting the following error when running the command from my app root directory:
    Server\web>sencha slice theme -d extjs -c resources/css/my-ext-theme.css -o resources/images -v
    'sencha' is not...
  5. Well,
    The problem started after i added the following code to your example:
    The initial problem was to show the checkbox and its label - text at the same cell, and this is the solution i was...
  6. Hi, I am using the latest 4.1.0 version RC3.
    I have used the new my-ext-theme.scss option for grid design.
    the content of my-ext-theme.scss was copied from ext-all-gray.scss file from the extjs...
  7. I have created new theme by updating the my-ext-theme.scss file. i firefox i see my new theme but in Internet explorer it still shows the default blue colors, what to do to make it work in Internet...
  9. use this line:
    return '<div class="' + cls.join(' ') + '">' +["${valueHeader.key}"] + '</div>';
  10. It works really good, thanks alot, but i have additional qiestion (probably trivial) how i can show the text on the same row as checkbox and not under?
  11. Hi,
    One of my columns of type checkcolumn, i would like to show to the user in this column both, the checkbox and the label - text related to it.
    thank you.
  12. Adding "locked : true", creates an empty column after the locked columns.
    Is it a bug?
  13. Hi,
    I am new user of Extjs 4.1.1 version.
    My grid panel includes the following:
    selModel : Ext.create('Ext.selection.CheckboxModel'
    and several checkcolumns.
    I cant find a good solution to the...
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