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  1. thanks, answer #3 is exactly what I'm looking for!
  2. glad to hear you got it figured out!
  3. create a controller, find the component, then disable on the fired event.
  4. check to see whats already installed in eclipse, maybe you can update if it's there.
    check for software in eclipse from the available sites, then install what you need from there.
    go to there...
  5. Missing requirement: Apache Batik CSS 1.7.0.v201011041433 (org.apache.batik.css 1.7.0.v201011041433) requires 'package [3.0.0,4.0.0)' but it could not be found
    Cannot satisfy...
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    Ext.decode() maybe?
  7. I have views that are re-used several times in my app. Say I have an exit button to click in said view, I want to be able to navigate to different views depending on the userClass that is logged in....
  8. you can click the fly out wheel of the component and associate the store, or do it in the config pane.
  9. sounds like it's just getting rendered off the side of the screen, maybe you could position it where you want with some css?
  10. I dont know that this is a bug, but after updating architect today the icon I had previously created is no longer working correctly. After selecting the pinned icon a blank icon pops up and I cant...
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    I on the other hand am lost on this. Also, that link is dead. Maybe someone can explain this to me. With Touch it would go something like
    //add as many top level or child views as you want and call...
  12. First, It seems the only way the Eclipse plugin is offered is through Sencha complete. Is this true? I don't think a plugin for my preferred IDE is to much to ask for when purchasing an Architect...
  13. I'd be very interested in at least a reasonable workaround for this bug.
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