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  1. Hi,

    Strange behavior of cursor in HtmlEditor.
    please look at this example:

    In this example:
    Using ViewModel, data from store is binded to the HtmlEditor...
  2. This issue found in Sencha Touch 2.4 core (maybe previous versions too).

    Line 670 of Ext-more.js

    addMeta('viewport', 'initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0, minimum-ui');
  3. In current version of class Ext.device.device.Cordova, "doAddListener" looks like:

    doAddListener: function(name) {
    if (!this.addedListeners) {
    this.addedListeners = [];
  4. Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231

    Operating System:

    Ubuntu 14.04.1, Linux/64
  5. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.3.1
    Cordova version:

    plugin installed:
    Sencha CMD version
  6. Replies
    still broken in 2.3.1

    "observe" method is exists in Ext.util.Observable utilite for ExtJs only, not for Sencha Touch :(
  7. do not worked with official Droppable yet, but I think this util should work in same way.
    in any case - source code is available, you can look into sources and learn how component works.
  8. I think you should make Draggable your initial list items (not created in hidden container).
    And make a Droppable containers where you want to catch a drop events.
    On dragstart event you can add...
  9. What you mean - "I need to make second touch to  drag and drop". Please describe you workflow
  10. Hi, point your attention to the fact, what latest version of ST already has own (official) Draggable and Droppable. My plugin is out of date now :)
  11. Unfortunately, this is impossible. Native application is signed with a certificate, if you make any changes, the application will not install or run.
  12. in browser app is refreshes without any errors. So problem in native app only.
  13. yes of course, same result.
    The difficulty is I cannot debug occurred error in the native app because code inside native app is minified (I every time see in logcat output - Uncaught Error in line...
  14. As I know: native builds feature is supported by Sencha CMD on OS X and Windows platform only, so not supported on Linux. Not sure about latest version of Sencha CMD (not tested yet) but previous...
  15. Ok about close feature. But about restart:

    I need to restart application completely in case if one or more external libraries are not loaded (google maps lib for example). This situation is occur...
  16. yes, this component works in webview. On my Android 4.0.3 smartphone all works fine.
    If you found any errors, please open an issue on github.
    At this moment only one known issue exist: attempt to...
  17. Hi,
    did anyone knows how to close or restart native app (native built with Sencha CMD)?
  18. Why I've never did not notice this it? Thank you!
  19. Please, please respond. How to configure Sencha CMD for creating of a 'testing' instead of 'package' build inside native build?
    It is very useful for debug, because of many situations where app...
  20. Please say me, how to detach component from DOM without destroying it?
  21. Yes I understand.
    If I run "sencha app build native" - Sencha CMD will create a 'package' build and then covering it in native package.

    How to configure sencha command for creating of a...
  22. Hi,
    please suggest solutions (techniques, patterns) to improve application performance and low memory usage.
    I saw Fastbook app, and it looks pretty fast and uses resources sparingly.
    Who knows...
  23. Hi,
    Does anybody knows a way to build native app with non-minified app code (like in testing build)?
    I mean: build with Sencha CMD, not Phonegap
  24. Yes. You should initialize geolocation services after application DOM is created, for example you can initialize gelocation on "painted" event on Ext.Viewport.

    If you use Ext.Map component (uses...
  25. as I know, Ext.Map uses Ext.util.Geolocation
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