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  2. Anyone? :(
  3. Hi! I'am trying to create a minified file of my application in ruby on rails (working properly on development) by following the deployment guide in...
  4. I updated ext to 3.4.1 and it fixed the problem.

  5. Hi,

    Anyone had this problem, where in when you set align: 'right' to the column in the grid it will be misplaced?

    {header: 'Shelves', dataIndex: 'shelves', width: 75, sortable: true, align:...
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    Hi sword-it,

    Thanks for your quick reply.. sencha's support never upset me..
    but as you can see in my code above.. I've already set the queryMode to 'remote',
    but still the loading mask isn't...
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    Hi! I'am quite new to EXTJS and got a problem on combobox and grid loading mask,
    it loads the data correctly but there is no loading mask while the store is loading..
    I wanted to know if the...
  8. Hi tvanzoelen, I've tried putting the code you gave at the top of my app.js..
    but no luck.. maybe I just put the code in the wrong place or something.. Sorry for being newbie about it. I hope you...
  9. Hi tvanzoelen, thanks for the quick reply and concern,
    I'll try your solution and I'll be posting updates soon. :D
  10. Hi everyone, I'am new to extjs and I had a problem running my application on firefox,
    the console in firebug gives me a massive amount of this kind of error and I don't have any idea what it is.
  11. Good day, I'am new to to extjs and I wanted to know if there's a way to always check the
    status code for all the request (getting .js files like or requesting data from the...
  12. Hi, I'am not sure if it is a bug or I have just to set something to make this working.
    I have form with fileupload and send data to the backend using form.submit which works fined on google chrome....
  13. thanks for the reply and sorry for my late response wasn't able to check my account for a while.

    my problem is somehow like that. it loads the even if I didn't use it in my...
  14. Hi, I'am new to extjs and I a have an application with a namespace of APP
    and try to do load another application path name FW

    Ext.Loader.setPath('FW', '/assets/sophic/home/app');
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    Ok, thanks for the help scott!
    Just realized my problem was already fixed in version 3.4 :))
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    Hi scott! thanks for the concern.

    I'm using version 3.0 and IE 8 & 9, this problem also occurs to sencha's examples.
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    Hi, I'am new to EXTJS, I had this problem with Datefield


    as you can see in the image my datefield size was too small.
    this problem occured in IE 8 and 9

    Using version 3.x

    I hope...
  18. OK! I fix my problem, I change what my PA.view.TabItem extends which is from Ext.panel.Panel to Ext.container.Container.

    Ext.define('PA.view.TabItem', {
    extend: 'Ext.container.Container',...
  19. thanks for the reply scott!

    I realized that the cause of my problem was the panel header is also created when trying to add Ext.panel.Panel inside the the tab.

    Sorry for giving incomplete...
  20. Hi, I'am new to EXTJS and I'am trying to find a way how to make my Tabpanel items not to create the header


    the header was added to the dockedItems, and yes I don't want may...
  21. thanks for the reply mate. but it seems that closing the tab doesn't fire the destroy/beforedestroy event,
    anyway thank you for the idea. I appreciate your help :D
  22. Hi, I'am new to extjs, so I'am not sure if its a bug or not so I posted it here.

    I have Tabpanel, each Tab has gridpanel inside with buttons that will pop-up window forms(modal is set to true). ...
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