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  1. Was this ever resolved?
    I have the same issue now. Ver 3.3.2.
    Firefox Browser.

  2. This may be too late to help you, but maybe it still can.

    I ran into this error again and decided to bite the bullet and expedite the ExtJS code to see what's going on with this...
  3. Is there any reason though other than coding style?
    Without a technical reason, it just sounds like dogma.
    I do agree that definitions are better off in another file for modularity, make the app...
  4. Why would you not want extensions in the onReady?
    Would that cause memory leaks?
  5. I am working on the same problem (which is how I found the thread).
    First time I am using a dataWriter.

    If I understand correctly, all fields of the new record must be returned?
  6. You should be able to force the writer to send a list every time by setting the "listful" property of the writer to "true".

    writer: new{
  7. It looks like there is a documentation bug in ver 3.3.1 for the HttpProxy class.
    The example code for using the api configuration shows using "load" while the class only seems to process "read".
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