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    It probably lacks some of the hidden files/folders you get when creating an ST 2 app with Sencha Cmd
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    Show is fired before painted in my tests, I did something along the lines of:

    Ext.define('Project.view.SomeList', { extend: 'Ext.List', xtype: 'someList', store: 'Whatever', config: { ...
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    I have some code that adjusts layout based on the rendered html, thing is that I don't know how to listen for it. I have something along the lines of:

    Ext.define('Project.Utilities', {
  4. Just had the same problem. No better solution from my part though. Epic fail to Apple for that bug, I have to wonder how it could even appear in the first place.
  5. When you want to get exceptions I would say that local storage is a really bad way, since you woudn't be able to retrieve those, unless you have the device.

    Much rather would I make some kind of...
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    In mainLaunch

    var view = Ext.create("NPD.view.MyView")

    Also a good idea to have a views section in your application that loads the views you need to start with. I could...
  7. A little Googling showed this: I don't know if it works, but worth a try.
  8. Eclipse does some, but I have to admit that I'm not particular satisfied, although a lot can be improved but updating the settings. IMO it's too slow.

    As far as I can see it does analyze the js...
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    Question for the Sencha people:

    Where are the documentation for these settings actually placed? (Look at onItemAdd, just didn't have a direct link to that since, it links the the parent version)...
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    Use this:

    xtype: 'tabpanel',

    items: [{
    xtype: 'splashpanel',
    hidden: true // This is the magic line
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    How long do you wait? Afaik there can be some delays on things like that because it's put in some kind of stack or queue that's executed when it fits into the JavaScripts engine schedule. (Anyone who...
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    Hint; read the documentation, for instance the getting started guide actually answers this:!/guide/first_app
  13. I have a nagging feeling that your controller somehow isn't loaded, try adding a launch to your controller like this:

    Ext.define('myMoney.controller.Inicio', { extend: '',...
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    A very wild guess is that your path is:


    and the signing tool relies on the default way to write Windows paths:

    C:\AppServ\fabi-release-key.keystore ...
  15. If I'm not much mistaken the proxies (or at least jsonp) actually include attributes for getting paginated results from the server. If it's an option that should greatly improve performance to only...
  16. I don't know if you have seen it, but this seems to answer your question:
  17. I'm not entirely sure of the logic inside XTemplates, but I would suspect that you don't want the itemTpl to be a list, but a string. I suspect that it reads the array tpl as:
    first item write:...
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    Ok I see multiple problems here:

    First off most of the error traces don't tell squad, please make it invoke ant with some kind of debug parameter or increase the info level. I'm pretty sure the...
  19. I think you should define a localstorage for your products and use the foreign key to select the right products when loading. I think the reason for you problem is found in the documentation, since...
  20. Could be that it graps a button on the toolbar. Afaik that should be possible, since you just search for a button somewhere inside 'inicio'.

    Try adding an id to the button:

  21. Wow, I've must have been coding too long, should have noticed a some other details. Ah well, I'll just try again :)

    You're trying to do a ref down in the control area, what you should do is:

  22. Also make sure that you actually have loaded the controller by having a:

    controllers: ['myMoney.controller.Inicio'],

    in your Ext.application.
  23. Loginform isn't defined, you could give it an id and then in your refs section do:

    refs: {
    loginForm: '#myLoginFormId',
  24. Hope this will help.

    I've just been fighting with associations all day and I finally got some examples to work. Here's what I've discovered.

    First off:

    hadMany: {
  25. This is quite interesting. I think what's happening is that Apple is seeing that Objective C is being outperformed (no wonder, Objective C looks like me in the morning) and can't handle it.

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