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    Hi, this is another simple solution to format datepickerfield result as provided here!/api/Ext.Date

    var formValues = form.getValues();
    var dt = new...
  2. I found the answer. Turn out, I needed to add 'Ext.TitleBar' in the requires array. I found this out when the datepickerfield asked for the 'Ext.TitleBar' in the console's warning.

    Sorry about...
  3. Hi all,

    The selectfield works fine in google chrome and ipad simulator. But it does not show the option window in the iphone simulator. Here is the code:

  4. nvm, I needed the whole http:.. in url. Rookie mistake :)
  5. Sencha Touch 2

    hi all,

    In my controller, to locate the php file I used Ext.Ajax.request:
    url: '/~huypham612/MyApp/server/signup.php',
    params: params,
  6. Thank you. This helped me!
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