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    I found a solution to my error... this.setOrientation() cause an infinite WindowResize event. :)
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    I'm trying your code, but, when "orientationchange" occurs, it run an infinite loop and the application is blocking?

    Do you know why?

    my code:


  3. Sorry, but I can't setup this code in my project, maybe 'cause I don't know objective-c?

    I received an error because supportedOrientations e webView are not defined. Where I must define them? And...
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    I've found a bug.

    When you first load the demo page ( and press 'backspace' there is an error:

    this.lastValue is undefined (line 79)

  5. Yes in my case...

    This is new version...

    Sintapp.SiForm = Ext.extend(Ext.FormPanel, {
    collapsible: true
    , titleCollapse: true
    ,bodyStyle: 'padding:...
  6. Well, I tryed some things.

    When I first load the page, into beforecollapse handler, I've no values in input fields. Then I cannot understand why 'isDirty' is set to true and the values are set...
  7. I didn't assigned false to this property. What is the default value? API don't show it...
  8. I've quoted my first post. I load data into forms simply setting 'value' property.
  9. Thank you... the things are very simple now! :D

    But I have another problem. :-?

    I noticed that 'isDirty()' returns true at the first rendering of the form. On previous code, I have 2 events...
  10. Thank you! :)

    While I was waiting for your reply... I checked the source code and I found that FormPanel constructor instantiate a 'form' var that is 'BasicForm'.

    Then I tryed to write...
  11. I've a lot of confusion. If I extend FormPanel, Do I have all the methods of BasicForm?

    How I can access to all the method of BasicForm into my extended class?
  12. mmm... i have some problems.

    Sintapp.SiForm = function(config)
    Ext.apply(this, {defaultType : 'textfield'
    ,tools : [{id: 'save', qtip: 'Salva'}]
    ,frame: true
    ,labelWidth : 150
  13. Many thanks! :)

    If i remember well, I read a property in Record, but I didn't found it in 'FormPanel'... It was in BasicForm... :">
  14. Hi, I'm very new to ExtJs.

    Using forms I've a question I cannot answer.

    I've an accordion panel. Any accordion element is a form with a different ID ('Gruppo0', 'Gruppo1', 'Gruppo2'...). Thanks...
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