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    Scott: updateInfo is a Private function on pagingtoolbar - any other suggestions?
  2. Yes I work on large monitors, but I think the example I've shown illustrates the issue perfectly. The problem is the lower portion of my vbox, which contains an hbox, with two areas inside (grid on...
  3. I'm trying to use an HBOX layout, with a VBOX layout (all within an oldstyle frameset) - but the left hand part of the HBOX is expanding to be very very large, as shown in these images:
    - first...
  4. I'm using the 'pagingtoolbar' with Grids, and RowNumberer, which shows the line number being displayed on the left hand side of the grid.

    My problem is - say my grid displays 50 items at a time -...
  5. Isn't the question why RowNumberer always starts with '1'? I have the 'pagingtoolbar' enabled - pages have 50 items - I would like for the second page to start RowNumberer with '51'. Just not sure...
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