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  1. Spanish Accent characters wrongly encoded in app.js on WP8 Build

    My App has spanish accents on it, such as: Sesin
    When I build and compile my App natively for iOS and Android (in OSX environment), accent show perfectly encoded in app.js, and display beautifully on...
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    [OPEN] I Second your oppinion

    Hi guys, I just wanted to say that we have the same issue as yours. It's basic needed functionality that is expected to work out of the box and it doesn't. In our case it simply makes our App...
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    Is SOAP Proxy available in Sencha Touch ?

    I'm aware that the complete package includes Enterprise Data Connectors, in particular SOAP Data Connector.
    However the SOAP Data Connector only seems to be available in EXTJS and not in Sencha...
  4. Awesome, thank you very much!

    Awesome, thank you very much!
  5. What are the Downsides in Passing a Model Record in Constructor config?

    Suppose the following scenario:

    var myRecord = store.getAt(0);var myClass = Ext.Create('MyApp.MyClass', {record: myRecord});

    What are the downsides in passing a Model Record (that is already...
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    In my case, in order to create a successfull...

    In my case, in order to create a successfull build with Sencha SDK and my JSB3 file include the Ext.ux.TabCloseMenu class, I had to manually switch the className with the alternateClassName in the...
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