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    You can add any property you wish to any class entering in the filter text box the name following the value then click on "add":


    After you can edit the property and/or change its type:
  2. Thanks!
  3. I just bumped with this problem.

    Well, not really a problem but annoying message each few seconds.

    Any chances that index.html generated with that meta?

    I use Sencha Architect BTW.
  4. Hi.

    I took a little time to inspect what is installed by SA in the machine and found than in <home>/Documents/Architect/frameworks there is touch24/ and touch24/ I found also...
  5. Perhaps "Another Option for Saving Association Data" in this blog entry: ?
  6. AFAIK that's a Cordova problem, tetter ask on Cordova forums / lists.

  7. Hi.

    First of all the use of global ID is not a good practice, use itemId instead and locate components via up() & down().

    Now with the update:
    Grid changes data in the store so to persist the...
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    Thanks, I will give it a try.

    Any idea what files I have to edit to do that?
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    I normally use the themes as they are out of the box.

    This time I need to customize a theme, the theme is compiled and nice to see the theme applied to my app. My problem is that I disable build...
  10. I sufferer this bug from time to time.
    I tried to reproduce it but seems that's is some of those bugs which is provoked with several conditions hard to reproduce: save, rename, delete, etc...
  11. One of the biggest problem I saw people starting with SA is that is not for beginners.

    Is not Visual Studio :p
  12. +1
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    Since 6.0 got its GA status beta obviously gone.

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    I just bumped with this ugly problem (


    Chrome 43.0.2357.125
    Ubuntu 14.04.2 / 64
  15. Tried and so far is working, thanks.
  16. I will give a try again but I'm 99% sure I added schema after to see if that could solve the problem.

  17. Good question...

    I guess "Old Style" / "Classic" Sencha Touch will continue to be free but very likely that no longer maintained.
  18. And the team #1?
  19. BUMP

    This problem makes SA unusable for ExtJS 5.1 projects.

  20. You can go back to previous SA version deleting the latest .ion file.

    I don't know where are ion files located in Windows neither OSX but in linux you can find on

    ~.local/share/Sencha Architect...
  21. Followup:

    "Downgraded" the project o 5.0 (created new one and move metadata files) and the error gone for now.

    But when a new store is created (in View Model or "stand alone") SA keeps...
  22. Follow up:

    Remove the store and its references and the view, close the reopen project and view is shown again.

    Add the store in the view model > SA complains that name is required
    Set name >...
  23. version:

  24. This is what I needed, straight unambiguous explanation.

  25. Lets see...

    I have Sencha Complete which I renewed last December so is due to renewal until next December.

    The email said "Current Sencha Complete customers are entitled to..." that means that...
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