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    jQuery JSONP Basic Auth Possible

    This is quite strange this can be done easily in jQuery. I was banging my head for this from past 2 days. Feel Sencha touch has got kind of limitations in things such as this. Hope they fix this...
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    Sencha Touch :: JSONP Basic Authentication


    Can anyone tell me how add request headers for scripttagproxy or any proxy. Iam doing something like this

    proxy: {
    type: "scripttag",
    headers: {
  3. Samsung Nexus Android 2.3.4 - Sencha Touch Slide Animation not smooth


    Iam doing a simple map using google maps. I have about 5-6 cards, however i initialise and keep only one active and destroy the others which are not active for optimal memory usage. This...
  4. Can a Panel with a Card Layout and Multiple Panels Be Reset to the Default Panel?:

    Hi Digil,

    The setActiveItem(0) is fine which i have tried already. Now the million dollar question is it possible to reset the card's state. If i can get that my app would be faster after loading...
  5. Want to Reset Carousel Items (Card) Content & their state


    Iam having an app which has basically a carousel in which there is a deck of cards. The first card is the login followed by the other cards. So when the user clicks the logout button i change...
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