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  1. Hello,

    I have two app, let's call them "login" and "main". For some reasons, the whole project is divided in "login" and "main".

    The two apps lays in two different urls.

    What i'd like to do...
  2. Thanks.
    actually it worked as i was expecting.

    as you sugggested me, hakimio, i checked with firebug and i saw that the correct css element was added.

    The problem was the following one. Sencha...
  3. thanks hakimio.
    I see, it works on fiddle.

    but it is not on my application. i really can't see the difference.I also copy-paste the example in my code and it is not working.

    It seems to me...
  4. Hello,

    I have a grid and i'd like to color the rows depending on a value of the record.

    i read many posts about the topic of my title, but the solution suggested doesn't work. Here's my code:
  5. The parameter is set in both.
    both on "submit()" and on the form panel.

    And i also tested with:
    - just on the form panel
    - just on the sumit call

    It doesn't work.
  6. hello,

    i have a sencha app working over tomcat. i'm using the interface to have a kind of login form.
    if i submit the form with "standardsubmit: true", then extjs ignores the url.

    here's what...
  7. Thanks.
    i will try to update sencha cmd.

    indeed, the flag suggested is unchecked. i will let you know if the update will resolve my problem.
  8. Hello,

    I created an app with sencha architect, using classic layout. I tried to build....
    Here what i got
    - if i open the browser at localhost:1841 (the internal sencha web server) everything...
  9. Hello,

    I'm trying to understand how to deal with an external js (call it general.js) which contains some variables.

    So, the architect project has the general.js file appearing in the right bar...
  10. Ok. here's the problem. Actually it has nothing to do with tables.

    Indeed, as suzuki1100nz said, it has to do with a "destroied" object.
    indeed, here's the situation.

    suppose you have...
  11. Hi, thanks for the answer. this is my version. I'm using sencha architect.

    Sencha Architect version:
    channel: 3.0.1-stable
    framework: Ext JS 4.2.x
  12. Hello,

    I don't know if this is a bug or just a mistake while coding, but i'm quite sure that is a extjs bug. this is what happen:
    if i double click on a row of a table i get this error:

  13. I erased and recreated the object in sencha architect.
    I re-inserted the viewConfig and now it's working.
  14. no. deleting manually such lines makes sencha architect to recreate them once you reload.

    any idea how i could erase such lines?
  15. You're totally right. The viewConfig is overwritten.

    you know where? just some few lines under.
    Indeed now that i erased my viewConfig, i've found, while looking at the code, this:

  16. Hi,
    sorry for my late answer. actually i have been very busy.

    well, i don't understand quite well yout question, sorry.

    I'm using sencha architect and my "viewconfig" has been inserted on the...
  17. Hello,

    time ago i was searching how to differenciate every single line in a grid view according to some values in the record.

    So, i found a lot of helps in this forum and in some other web...
  18. That's right.
    It was passed as a string.

  19. Hello,

    i have a combobox in a form. The combobox is attached to a store which holds some elements. The elements are pair of kind "id", "name".

    Hence i defined my combobox in such way

  20. Hello,

    i'm wondering how to show/hide a panel dinamically.
    This is what's happening.
    My client receives a json string in which there's a flag. true or false.

    hence, i tried to do something...
  21. Thanks for the support.
    Actually, it doesn't work and i can't understand why.

    I took a look at your code and test it on the "preview" tab and it seems to work well. It's clear.

    But it does not...
  22. Hello,

    i have a field set and i'd like to change its background color.
    I defined in a css the following item

    .noteopen {
    background-color: #ffe2e2; !important
    color: #900;
  23. I have solve the problem. Here's the complete solution for those who will have the same problem.

    You will see different kind of columns. That's just because in my case i needed some checkbox...
  24. Hello i'm using sencha architect.
    What i'd like to do (and i still don't understand why it's not working) is to retrieve a JSON message, create an ad-hoc store and then create a grid connected to...
  25. Oh!
    Great idea. I didn't think about it.
    Actually this is all what i need, indeed.

    Thank you so much for the suggestion.
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