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    Since you bought Sencha Complete, you had 1 year of maintenance and support with Complete. To get new versions or fixes, all you need to do is renew your support for your license. Sencha is...
  2. Folks, Please contact me if you need help, I will get someone to help you.

    thanks, Ted
  3. To ask for a quote for renewal, please contact

    they are glad to help you
  4. GXT is not part of Sencha Complete. As for the naming, Ext GWT is the old name, we now call the product GXT.

    On visual Design tools, we do not have any for GXT
  5. Is this the question ?

    What visual design tools, from you or anyone else, support GXT 3.0? I already know that the Google Windowbuilder product will not support it.

    Also, is there a reason...
  6. If you have a questions, please use to submit your questions.

    Someone will get back with you
  7. JSDuck is available under GPL from Sencha Labs.
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