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    I'm building a Sencha Touch 2 app. If I use deltas to enable over-the-air delta update for a file, how are those deltas calculated. Specifically, does the same developer need to build the app so that...
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    I found a couple answers to this. First there is an inheritableStatics configuration presumably for things like this. However I still couldn't get it working as a mixin. Instead I defined a function...
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    Can a mixin have static members? I would like to implement a lazy loading singleton. However my static members are not defined when I try to access them via the class. If I create the class I can...
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    This relates to Touch 2.0

    What do I do with the output of sencha app resolve? Should I put the array that it generates into app.js, should I link something to the json file that it outputs?
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    I would also like to see this ported.
    Any updates?
  6. Yeah, that sounds about right.

    Another issue seems to be that sometimes deleting a class level component out of Designer does not delete the file under .metadata/view even though it does delete...
  7. If a project is checked into source control (e.g. subversion) does the .metadata folder need to be checked in?

    The reason I ask is that it seems to change a lot. If I expand or collapse a tree in...
  8. I can no longer reproduce this bug either. My current build is 276, but I'm not entirely sure if that was the build that the error originally occurred on.
  9. This gets close:
    menu.setDocked(null) and menu.setDocked('left') as replacements for
    removeDocked(menu) and addDocked(menu)

    However, this sets menu as a child of the viewport and it seems like...
  10. I'd like to toggle between a floating nav bar and a left-docked nav bar as seen here:

    My problem is that some calls have changed...
  11. The same code works, it is just that the query in it needs to actually match something.
  12. Nevermind. It does work with the double quotes, my query was just off.
  13. [SOLVED] A Controller Action should be able to reference a named Controller Reference according to the Sencha Touch2 documentation. This doesn't seem possible currently with the designer as it puts...
  14. I have selectFields that I filled in options arrays for. Designer is complaining that "The following components are missing a store:
    [List of selectFields] These components will cause runtime...
  15. Two questions:

    Saving a project now seems to write out files. App, View, Model, etc. It used to be that you had to "Save" and the click "Export Project." Has "Export Project" now become a part of...
  16. Has this been answered yet?
  17. version 1.2.2

    Also do you load controllers like:
    #1: controllers: [ 'myController' ],
    #2: controllers: [ 'app.controller.myController' ],
  18. Cool thanks.
  19. Because I'm operating on a strange server setup (which wont be changed) my app folder is located outside of the webpage's current path. Say the webpage is located at:
  20. In order to get my controllers to show up in my .jsb3 file using sencha create, I had to require them like

    I tried to get them to add using both the...
  21. I have a bug that appears only in app-all and not in app.js (probably because I'm still not building correctly).
    However, I came up with my own solution to my problem. Inside the .jsb3 file I set...
  22. I've gotten everything running with app-all.js. However as I come across bugs, I'd like to use the non-minified all-classes.js but, as I understand it, all-classes does not contain app.js and so...
  23. Thanks for the reply. Now given that I am using Ext.class.requires, do I also need to use Ext.require?
  24. It has been said often in here that the SDK tools need files to use the "uses" or "require" statements. Can we also use the Ext.class.requires array?...
  25. I was looking for the same thing. It looks as though you have to extend the Number field to allow for formatting. The tricky thing is if you want that formatting to disappear when you click in the...
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