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    Thanks for the reply.

    Still running into scenarios where it doesnt scroll to end though on IPad only (get scrolling lag and then it just gets stuck early -- this is IOS7 and the issue appears to...
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    Is this going to get fixed -- this should really be high priority. Dataviews/lists that rely on paging for large sets of data are practically unusable....
  3. for fieldset you can use below, but there is really no point in fighting this -- use the fix that was posted earlier in this thread; there are too many areas in the stylesheets that are setup...
  4. No.

    The 2.0.1 docs were working but were broken most likely in the last two weeks. If you are going to let people view older versions of the docs online, they should be kept in a working state.
  5. what? How is it fixed if you can select the 2.0.1 docs and they don't work?

    Some of us dont want to upgrade to 2.1.1 yet.
  6. 2.1.1 docs are fine, just 2.0.1
  7. All examples in the api docs display the following :

    See an issue in eg-iframe.html

    should be
  8. Example must not have been clear.

    isLoading/isLoaded flags are unrelated to the issue.

    The problem occurs if the store contains records (the store was already loaded) and those records are...
  9. Hello,

    Running into an issue where records are missing data blocks when you load the same store twice and results are returned with the previously loaded internalIds.


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    I see...that helped to narrow it down.

    My issue (cls duplication in the dom) is occurring because Ext.layout.Default.doItemRemove is calling

    removing the following from...
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    The reverted code does remove the dom element. I'm not arguing against not removing the element from the dom.
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    I have a container that maniuplates child containers by invoking setCls and adding/removing them as child items. In 2.0.0, my code performed as expected allowing me to add and remove containers while...
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    I've been messing with this topic lately and both the latest Safari and Chrome (and as specified by HTML5 ) do not allow the user to expand the hardcoded Localstorage limit.

    We are only...
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