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    I find out that there are AbstractCalendar which has REFRESH function, but as I am very new to ExtJS and never used its MVC part, I don;t know how to access that refresh function from my App.js
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    Hi everybody,

    I am very new to ExtJS and now using ExtJS calendar and I need to refresh the CalendarPanel part.
    Can anyone help me please, I am very new and can't understand how it works.
  3. Hi,

    Can anyone help me, I just do everything as explained in example and get only BROWSE button, but no grid after it.

    I tried to find where does that grid should be created and rendered, but...
  4. Hi, I am newbie in EXT JS, and after 1 week reading and looking for examples, I decided to ask some questions on forum.


    1. How to populate form base on combobox selected value?
    Can someone...
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