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  1. Hi ,

    Did you figured out how to set the value in the field when you have e textfield as
    input type="date"
    and what about the date Format .

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    I am trying to set the focus , like in the example , but the far I can go is .element
    not fieldEl , either el .

    how can I get fieldEl from element ?
  3. So , could you please show how you configure the associations in the case of only one json ?
    do you still have the previous two models ?
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    Where should I code , what to do for saving to a model a date field in a correct date format ? the date is comming from a datapicker
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    For my first problem :

    I enter that :
    I get newDate() in browser and in code view what means that I get an invalid Date
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    Hi ,
    I have two issues with date fields .

    1- how to make a datepicker to show (today- now()) by default , I tried value : new Date() , and the browser get 'newDate' and of course is undefine...
  7. It was solved , I have associations foreign key , primary key disagreement , and the most important thing the property name in my select control (by default "picker"), I was paying attention to the...
  8. You mention " the image, name & slider configs to the generated class"

    but I can not find a way to add members to the custom class with the architect , could you tell me how ?

    do you know an...
  9. Hi ,
    I have a form with a selected field that I would like to edit .
    When loading the form the selected fields does not show the values that are already stored .
    I have two models

  10. can I use a viewport to show a form after a disclosure in a list , what is the best practice ? for sencha touch 2.0
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    I am new with sencha , I just solved my problem with your comment , I have the proxy configured in the model not in the store , and I wonder if bringing a single model at a time I would lost...
  12. Now I am just trying with

    var customerStore=Ext.getStore('stCustomer');

    And if I call any method of customerStore it gives you can not execute method on undefine

    So do I have to do...
  13. I want to populate a form with data from a store . I see the eye beside the store , but if I do in the initialize event something like this

    var custStore=Ext.getStore('stTest');
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    I am having the same problem , what piece am I missing , I have SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3-windows
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