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  1. Any update on that issue, anyone?
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    I had the same questioning as you at first, but then by complete chance I found this link:

    which you can find completely...
  3. I second: a show-stopper for such a central widget and functionality, a quick patch would be much appreciated.
  4. I'd like to set up the loader of my application with two namespaces, one local and one external:

    enabled: true,
    paths: {
  5. Thanks, this solved the issue for me too (with the latest Chrome for Android 4.3). And for people like me, who didn't know how to recompile Sass code, here's what I did, after having edited the...
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    Thanks for this great idea! Here's how it has helped me today:

    In my app, I handle the need for user "relogin" (i.e. the authentication cookie may have expired in-session, for instance) by...
  7. I was expecting such a question, to be sure. What I'm trying to do is redirect, in a popup "Ext.Window", the content of a dynamic debug console spawned by a Flask Python dev server. If I bind this...
  8. I need the functionality performed by the setter version of jQuery.html, as described here:

    i.e. I want the JS code contained in the HTML fragment to...
  9. Thanks dcoran604 for this fix! I just lost an hour trying to debug that RowActions plugin bug with 4.1.1a.

    @cking If your plugin was in a Github repo, it would be easier to track version-related...
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    You're right: I was mistakenly looking at!/api/Ext.layout.component.field.FieldContainer, which is a private class. Thanks again.
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    Thanks. I saw this, but the big warning note in the doc scared me way.. Would you have an example of code using it?
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    Is there a pattern (or even an already defined widget that I might have overlooked) that would help with embedding extra fields (text/number/date) in a RadioGroup (i.e. beside the labels, and maybe...
  13. Thank you cking for this fantastic work! I'm using it with 4.1.1a and it seems to be working great so far.

    I had to fiddle around for a while to understand how to make it work in the controller of...
  14. That might be of interest to some: I have described a possible implementation of a flexible combobox autocomplete mechanism using Python Flask and Postgres as a backend:
  15. Ahh I see! It makes great sense, many thanks for the quick answer!
  16. If I have a MixedCollection of basic JS objects:

    var mc = new Ext.util.MixedCollection();
    mc.add({s:'b', i:2});
    mc.add({s:'b', i:1});
    mc.add({s:'a', i:2});
    mc.add({s:'a', i:1});
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    Thanks a lot @scaddenp, that's exactly what just happened with me! :)
  18. Excellent! Thanks for the tip, I simply didn't think of looking at the most obvious place..
  19. I'd like to structure the ST application I'm developing with MVC, as much as possible. However, I have a hard time finding "authoritative" documentation about it. The best I could find are good, but...
  20. Fair enough, but is this documented somewhere? It is not exactly obvious I'd say.
  21. I'm very new to ST (1.1.1) so I really don't know if this is a bug or a "feature", but it seems suspect to me anyway. When I do a filterBy on a Store, the filtered records are still available with...
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    Up to now, the best I could come up with is to put a List of commands inside a Panel with a given width, and use the List's itemTap listener as the command handler:

  23. I thought my explanation was pretty clear: I create a record with a "name" field set to something, put it in the LocalStorage, and retrieve it later, to update (with record.set()) the same field to...
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    Some progress is made by doing, as you suggest:

    new Ext.Panel({
    modal: true,
    floating: true,
    height: 200,
    dockedItems: {
    xtype: 'toolbar',
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    I'm using ST 1.1.1, and I'd like to create a vertical toolbar in a popup button, similar to this:


    This is from the Kitchen Sink demo app (it's the only example I could find), and is...
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