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  1. done all the tips and trick , but nothing happen
    still slow IE Perfomance issue and system gets hangs after 10 min

    upgrade to 2.2
    change png image
    applied JScript Patch for IE ,

    but no use
  2. Finally i had upgrade to extjs 2.2 and then also same problem persist , still their is performance hits in IE.

    I had also applied the patch as mention in one of extjs forum , but no use

  3. ya i also notice such differenc in ext 2.2 examples in IE,which was not observed in 2.0 that their were some instance where memory for panel is released especially tabpanel example , i think memory...
  4. i am using examples from downloaded should i mail u that
  5. also i applied JScript patch from microsoft for IE 6, application gets somewhat faster but still problem exist with memory leak issues.

    we are using gwt-ext framework as wrapper over extjs , and i...
  6. yes , i tried with extjs 2.0 examples and same problem, memory is not release even if window closed or panel get destoryed.

    you can even check that on extjs site examples.
  7. is this issue is resolved in ext 2.2.1
    and what about backward compatible
    is ie issue has been address in this release
  8. Extjs 2.0.2
    Internet Explorer 6

    I came across very strange issue in IE6, in which memory usage for IExplore process keeps on increasing (can see in the task manager - Processes - ...
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