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  1. I have a form panel which contains multiple item selector along with other text fields.On opening the form for the first time usually the form displays inconsistently..sometimes the item selector...
  2. I am trying to use multiselect box in my form panel.
    I have used Ext's native load method to populate my components.
    But the data in multiselect box is not populated.If i use a textbox instead of...
  3. I am trying to use panel load method to directly load data into form fields.The form is poulated correctly.
    I wanted to do some response handling in between and so added success function.But this...
  4. I need to check on form field values which are loaded and perform few validations to enable/disable controls depending ontheir values.I tried to fetch values as shown below
    but this returns clank...
  5. hey mama,
    Because of a comma at the end , this error comes in IE

    you have comma at the end of line

    also , as said by maximgb there is one more error of expander in ur code.
    take care
  6. Controller = function()
    function createGrid()

    var data = [];

    // create the data store

    var record =[
  7. hi , i tried with AdjacencyListStore it is working fine for 100-200 records.
    but when i used following json (which has around 2500 records) ...the code is not working..
    can you please tell me...
  8. hi,
    thanks for showin json , its format is really simple but i am still confuse in using it.
    as i am new to extjs...can you please give a small example of it..?

    i also dont know php as i went...
  9. hey can you please give me a example of AdjacencyList store JSON ,
    is it also contains _left and _right ?

    actually , i m working on lots of folder and iterations i have json format of ext.tree...
  10. hi maximgb ,

    in my application i am showing tree hierarchy of my c drive, same tree tht you can see in windows explorer.
    some folders have lots of iterations i mean depth level is around 7-8 ,...
  11. hi is there is any search functionality in treegrid?

  12. Thanks maximGB ,

    i have one more qs can we have icons to tree grid nodes like icons in extjs tree..?

    for child node diff and folder diff icon ...?

    thanks for info and sharing such a nich...
  13. hey please tell us how to put hyperlink in columntree columns....

    take care
  14. hi,maxima,
    can we add icons , hyperlink to columns of your tree grid...
    your url is not accessible from office thts why please tell me whether hyperlink and icons can be inserted and can be treat...
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    Hi,as i am new to extjs , i am unable to get above result..
    can any one tell me simplest way of adding icons to column tree so it will works and look like above screen shots..

    take care
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    i think before starting i need more advise from you people.....

    can animal u focus some light on this....
    can it be possible to get output like this in column tree..??

    take care
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    here is screen shot my existing column tree
    i just want to add 3-4 columns which would contain icons with hyperlink and every icon in diff rows points to diff hyperlink..
    is this possible..?...
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    Hi friends ,

    I am using column tree right now.
    I am using the same code that is given in example...
    but i want to 3 more columns such that the column would contain icons of delete,excel , info...
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    i am using columntree example from extjs example folder.

    i just added a following function which will return node text on click of node of column tree.
    but unfortunatly this code does not...
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    this functionlity is not workin with column tree..?

    can any one suggest how to search in column tree.?

    take care
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    ok right now i am able to add column tree to tab panel by adding items to tabpanel as follows

    items :{contentEl:'tree-ct', title:'Tab 1'}

    but column tree is not gettin rendered properly.....
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    hi ,
    I am trying to add column tree inside tabpanel as item,
    but it seems its not working..:((
    can any one tell me that how to add column tree as child to tab panel...?

    i used same code of...
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    I solved this error by reading other threads...
    jsonstore dont have reader property and it was worngly written in API doc...

    so i used store and every thing is working fine now..
    thanks for info...
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    hey i change my procedure for time being....
    now json return by url is as follows which tested by jslint

    [["Lat America PE","Emerging Mkts"," 865"],["Lat America PE","Emerging Mkts"," 865"]]

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    I am formatting json in procedure.....which returns json structure.
    and path field , it is taking from database which contains slashes....

    so what sud i do..? to format json..?
    actually there is...
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