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  1. I had the same issue. I started using jshint in Eclipse to find these sooner. I hope others find it helpful too.

    Project website:

    Update site:...
  2. Too bad. I read the original blog post on Sencha Docs as a way to do just that, make nice JavaDocs in the sencha doc viewer. As part of GXT it sounded like if you had GXT libs, you could kickout your...
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    I was having this issue with GWT this morning. Here is the deal:

    "<div style=\"{0}\" class=\"{2}\"><label debugId=\"{3}\">{1}</label></div>"

    * {0} is a style, so must be a SafeStyles type
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    Since this post is dated, using 3.3+ ExtJs I found that it did not work. The proper way to do this on a toolbar now is:

    buttonAlign: 'center'

  5. usiw,

    Excellent point. What are the risk of accepting non RFC email addresses? Might some mail systems not properly handle those messages? I ask since while I know that not all email providers...
  6. Speaking to Gmail addresses, is value, but the above regex does not allow consecutive periods.
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    I had this same problem, so I cooked up this extension of Ext.Button called Ext.HoverButton. No need to change your menu's or toolbars, just switch the xtype of the buttons to hoverButton. Enjoy!
  8. I had the same odd issue. I thought it was my code, but then checked out the toolbar examples for each version and pinpointed that it was an Ext Bug.

    View the below in IE9
    Ext 3.3.1 Example...
  9. I like to use the tpl config property of boxs/Ext.toolbar.TextItems. This is nice since later I can call textItem.update( obj ); to update them.

    The problem is that there is no way that I know of...
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    I like the above, but find that it overrides all my toolbars, including bbar's and tbar's. So, I suggest making it .x-nav-toolbar and applying that just to the toolbars cls prop where you want it (in...
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    Here is a simple implementation to allow deep plucking. I did not want to use any sore of OGNL parsing, or a recursive function as the first post posits, simply due to stack space and speed. I don't...
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    In getting to this forum thread I got 3 Gateway timeouts, so please keep toiling.~o)

    It's been 8 days now, so I hope you've got the scent. Any updates?
  13. Hats off guys. I know it is a kick in the gut when you refactor the heck out of something and users cry out for a seemingly anachronistic functionality. However, in a the last few weeks, ExtJs and...
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    Here are just a few more lines to flush out the css fix for toolbar button style.

    Added some space between buttons so they don't bunch up
    Set a min-width so that they look like FormPanel...
  15. I cooked up a simple DOM walking fix for the issue of not being able to update the title of a tab in a TabPanel once it has been rendered. I could not even find the methods mentioned in the other...
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    Followup: The last two posts I've made, I clicked "Preview Post" and it posted it, without a preview.
    FF4, WinXp SP3.
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    In the 3.3.1 Docs, the value for keynav is showing the @Doc markup, not the formatted documentation everything else has:
  18. I was pulling my hair out at first here, since I assumed that because both functions made XHR requests, and had the same input parameters, they must function the same. They don't however.

  19. The below code example runs fine in FF3, adding a copy of ever object property with 'X' appended to it.

    In IE7 it crashes the browser.

    // below runs fine in FF3
    // runs FOREVER in IE7...
  20. When using the documentation, searching for the following Ext functions finds nothing:

    select 'Any Match' from drop down
    search for the...
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    Oops, missed a ) in there.

    // extend Pluck to search down using '.' operator
    Ext.pluck = function(arr, prop){
    var ret = [], fn =;
  22. I'm not sure which caused the issue, but RowEditor.js must be loaded before any other /ux/ extension.

    Previously RowEditor.js was at the bottom of this list, now at the top it works well.

  23. I'm hitting the same problem. Locally I've adapted the RowEditor example and it runs fine, but when integrated into my application's GridPanel constructor I get: ed.setWidth is not a function @...
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