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    Hm, well thanks for the ideas.

    Looked into this a little, I did sort of what you said. I'm not using the "filter on the object level" so basically I'm not filtering the store, and I'm using two...
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    Well, I had written a few paragraphs, but it seemed to get into too many details (project scope, multiple stores, etc). Going to try to make this question a little more simple.

    (I know I can...
  3. Found this too, but the release notes for Beta 2 show that it's been fixed.

    [EXTJSIV-568] Don't allow RowEditor to hijack space
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    Thank you. What a life saver. I have been trying to get this to work for 30 minutes... maybe longer. Looking at all the documentations and tutorials, and even digging into ext-js-debug-w-comments.js...
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    Not sure what's going on here, but I reorganized it a bit, and got it working. I think my solution was adding the scope: this, but I don't fully understand it yet.

    layout: 'border',...
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    I'm pretty sure I clicked "Preview Post" and it appears to have posted it...

    I am editing my first post. I am not done asking my question.

    First post updated with my full question. Sorry about...
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    Ugh. I hate it when I get stuck for hours on something that is incredibly simple.

    I have been away from JavaScript for a while.

    I have done numerous Google Searches as well as searching for 5+...
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    First off: Condor, thanks for this awesome thread. :-)

    So... While the paging example uses the forums and has 280,000+ results, they obviously should not all be sent to the client. So, remote...
  9. Glad you finished your thought. I was wondering about something like this and it helped to read your post.

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    Ah, thanks. Cleaner than my solution. That works nicely.

    @Jangla I am using a checked tree panel inside of a panel, that's inside a portlet, that's inside a portal column, that's inside a...
  11. Interesting. Well that explains why it didn't disappear. So then I guess that means we need to do something like

    p.ownerCt.remove(p, false);

  12. Hm. Yea. I did try doing false, since I thought it was being destroyed. But, looking at the code, I thought perhaps it wasn't destroying it since I didn't see a place where autoDestroy was set to...
  13. Okay, I am missing something basic...

    I have a portlet: p = new Ext.ux.Portlet({ ... });
    And a portal: portal = new Ext.ux.Portal({ ... });
    To start, the portal has items -> columns -> my...
  14. I have this same problem. I'm not sure what happened or why.

    Essentially I have a gridpanel with a ux.bufferview and when double clicking a grid row, it takes the user to another tab.

    I only...
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    Thank you Saki for this awesome plugin.
    Thanks to mholyszko for the contributions to reduce recursion.

    I do have one problem. I am adding a listener to 'checkchanged' to update my datastore....
  16. Well, I gotta bump this thread because this is exactly what I'm looking for. I have two main data stores. I have various forms for different reasons throughout the application.

    When the user...
  17. Hm. I looked at that page but I must be blind. I also looked at...
  18. I am trying to create a GridPanel with lazy instantiation (I think that's what it's referred to, I'm pretty new). I have var myGrid = { xtype: 'grid', ... and I have added drag and drop...
  19. Man. So much documentation to read. I've gone over the autoEl and bodyCfg a couple times. But, I always absorb more each time I look. Thanks again Animal.

  20. Ah! Excellent. Makes sense. I thought the DOM Helper was integrated with the components some how. Thanks for the example.

    Helps me understand ExtJS just a little bit more. Loving it every step of...
  21. Basically, I am wondering how to prepend a message to a displayfield.

    I see/found an example on append.


    It would be nice to have...
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    Sorry to drag up an old thread but this thread bothered me. I just wanted to mention that Animal's first post was a link...

    If you...
  23. I'm working on an idea to do sort of a contact management thing.

    The idea I had was:
    1) To use a viewport, and the center region is a card panel.
    2) One of the cards is a tab panel and the other...
  24. Ok. Sweet it works. I thought I had read somewhere about there being problems with losing the "last options" but if we grab them and add to them it seems to work. Here's what I changed...

  25. Very new here. Learning the process of ExtJS.

    I have an An outside function calls store.reload(); I was able to hook store.on('load', callback); but how do I pass a variable?...
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