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  1. any thoughts on this?
  2. Any word about this issue? Because now, we cannot use 1.2.2. We really want to udate from 1.1.2 to 1.2.2 , but this stores issue is a major issue.
  3. I was wondering. What will happen with Ext Designer 1.x when Ext Designer 2 will be official? When will development/update stop for Ext Designer 1?

    // offtopic .. sorry just realised I posted...
  4. At this moment we (my company) cannot use Ext 4.x. Our framework/applications is build on Ext 3.x.

    Ext 4.x is still on our roadmap but needs reseach and development.

    But now, we cannot use...
  5. Ok .. did some tests (yozeff is also my account).

    1) First I created a project in 1.1.2 (see attachment

    This works

    2) Then I opened the xds in designer 1.2.2 build 48 (attachment...
  6. Hi ..

    It's not reallt ExtJS4 .. I think .. but it's Ext Core .. I coudn't find any forum categories about Ext Core except here.

    But I already solved it ..

    This seems to work :
  7. I'm trying to create an abstract application class with Ext Core (

    I have a singleton application wich extends the abstract application class.

    This is my...
  8. Hi

    I have a video component (xtype : video). And I have a select component with some items.

    If the video is not rendered yet (so I see the posterimage), I can click on the select component, the...
  9. hmm I have Sencha touch 1.0 ...

    I have

    MyProject.views.Viewport = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
    fullscreen: true,
    layout : 'card'
  10. Hello,

    I've been searching this forum for an answer but couldn't find one, there were I believe some issues with defaultType and defaultAnchor, and I already tried them out, but unfortunately...
  11. Hi,

    I'm trying to build a editable grid ( with ExtDesigner. But I have a problem. The "editor" config is not in ExtDesigner when I go...
  12. Replies
    hmmm I think I found it ;-)

    .bindStore() also works on a combobox ...
  13. Replies
    Has anyone tried to rebind a store to a ComboBox? Any examples?

    With designer I've bind the ComboBox to a store. But on initComponent I want to replace the old store and replcae it with a new one
  14. this sound like something I have :
  15. Well .. it's a mapped drive :


    mapped to


    There I have all my websites
  16. Now I have a new bug .. or kinda related ..

    My projectfile is located in the same output path .. on a shared network drive

    so let's say


    I'm using Designer...
  17. Just a thought ..

    The store created by Designer is a class ...

    So if you don't autoload the store , you can for example in the afterRender create a new instance of the store with a new id ,...
  18. ah ... I see there's a new update ... Now the problem is fixed ;-)

    FYI ... When I started Designer (1.1.0) the software notified there was a new version to download. When I clicked to install, my...
  19. I have the same

    Let's say I have my project in


    Do an export, It will export in './' (that's not the right output path)

    The "Export Path" is "." according my...
  20. hi .. I was also looking for some reorder examples and I've tried your example (

    But your json store has a PHP error :( ... can...
  21. yes .. that did the trick ... I completely forgot the createDelegate function

  22. Hi,

    I have a DropTraget and a notifyDrop, see code snippet :

    test: function() {

    var dropTargetDataView = new Ext.dd.DropTarget(this.myElelement.getEl(),{
  23. so why not put the url in your .js files?


    1) turn of autoload in your store
    2) load your store manually with your custom url example

    var myStore = this.myGrid.getStore();
  24. Hi,

    I'm using Ext Designer and I love it. But picture this

    I have a viewport with a panel and I have promoted the panel to class :

    * the view *
  25. I think I've got some kind of a work around. I'm using Win 7 and deleted all versions of Ext designer with ccleaner. After deleting Ext designer from my system I deleted the Ext designer dir within...
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