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  1. Cool!

    Can you post a complete example?

    · group header with summary
    · groups with only one child would show all the child values and not be able to expand

  2. You are right, I have one list/table that use your idea... (Thanks)

    On entry list of account bank, some entries must be grouped (showing totals/sumary of their entries) and looks as "normal...
  3. Yes, this way allows large summary (without overlaps header & summary) or summary on first columns.

    I like that summary/totals go to end columns: You can avoid overlap if shows empty "Client...
  4. Can you add some images to show your improvement?
  5. You can install Firebug (on your Firefox browser) and see de HTML/CSS Styles of ExtJS components (to understand CSS selectors you can see W3Schools)
  6. Only for 3.2 version... (I don't work with 2.X version)

    Try with:

    .x-grid-group-collapsed .x-grid-group-hd div{
    position: absolute; !important
    float: left; !important
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    You can use a CSS hack (similar to link proposed) to show summary when expanded ...or hide when collapsed:

    .x-grid-group-collapsed .x-grid3-summary-row {
    display: none;
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    Please, see:
  9. I think this (mini) hack is very interesting :)

    .x-grid-group-collapsed .x-grid-group-hd .x-grid-group-title {
    position: absolute;
    float: left;
  10. This new representation show the summary row with one Expander icon (see Expander Rows in:

    This expander shows all grouped rows...
  11. Removing sortType custom function of #7 with only groupRenderer of #9 all works fine!!

    Can you tell me if It's right?
  12. Using a groupRenderer as proposed

    xtype: 'datecolumn',
    header: 'Issued',
    dataIndex: 'issue',
    format: 'd/m/Y',
    width: 80,
  13. I change to use sortType on "issue" field to return calculated "quarter" and group by it. But something was wrong (see attached image: group for every "issue" (date) instead of use "quarter"...
  14. Please see image, I order by "Issued" date (day+month+year) on every "quarter" group (month)

    If I use a sortType (on "Issued" date) that returns quarter:
    · "1" for Jan, Feb, and Mar months
  15. I like to group by an calculated column ("quarter") innexistent on JSON model (but calculated with other/existent fields: "date").

    Example: a "date" field exist on my JS object but I grouped by...
  16. It's uggly but works fine...

    note: see custom title for grouping function (instead column label)

    view: new Ext.grid.GroupingView({
  17. Please see:
  18. As a renderer can customize the representation of one cell

    Example: this function show quarter for some date field column

    renderer: function(value){
    var quarter =...
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