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    Wow the javascript execution is really fast. Some small bugs but this could be because im using 2.0.1 of ExtJs
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    Maybe the following thread could help you further
  3. I was so stupid to overwrite the old code, and I don't have any backup of the extensions in use. Which is again stupid:">

    But to be complete:

    I have tested the extension on firefox and...
  4. Works like a charme tested on firefox only. Thankx a lot for the fix. How did you fix it?
  5. The same problem also occurs on firefox.
  6. Is there allready a solution for the flickering??. When I have many choices +15 and press one of the last choiches. The list seems to reset and sets the bar to the top again.

    I tried to figure it...
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    Love to know how you solved the problem. Im facing something simelar at the moment.
  8. any change it can transform a normal multiple select list and set the values from the select list (combo)
  9. Any idea about a release date for the new extension?
  10. Sound good but haven't a clue how to implement it. Could you give a code example to make it easier to understand for me?

    thx in advance
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