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  1. Hi guys! The new buffered grid is much better than previous one, Thank you!

    But I have an issue with page update. I wanna update store.currentPage by passing some code to setInterval/setTimeout...
  2. Hi!
    I'am using pagingScroller, and i wanna update my store.currentPage every 10 sec. But want to save position of scrollbar, that's why i am using grid.verticalScroller.visibleStart and...
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    It works only for non-prefetched pages, when you scroll down, and then go back to the top, the store.currentPage prop is equals to last prefetched page index.
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    How can i get current page index, when user scrolls the Paginggridscroller ?
    Is there any PageChanged event?
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    Hey! You call

    It loads the first page. What if i want to save my page position?
  6. Hi!
    I'm using grid with Paginggridscroller, it requests correct pages before i apply remote sorting.
    The problem is: After the sorting, when i scroll down it requests two previous pages, then...
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