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  1. Just a quick update, I've been using the buttons on an iPad app and it's been working great. I'm in the process of cleaning up the application and making it open source on GITHUB. Once I do that,...
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    I am embedding YouTube videos in iOS environment and I just rolled my own markup. It does seem that the video widget isn't that customizable.
  3. One way is phonegap/Cordova/UIWebview but of course those aren't mobile safari.
  4. EDIT:

    Prasanna,, I updated the git to reflect the logic fixes. Now there is a setMaskSize and a setMaskColor. setMaskSize will always get called, thanks for the heads up.
  5. Prasanna,

    It shouldn't be set only on tapMask, that is an oversight on my part. I'll check out the code and push a fix to the repo.

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    I am currently using one store for a lot of different views. The problem is that when I go to different views, I usually wipe out the store and start all over again. Here is some pseudo-code

  8. Quick update. Been testing it in iOS and works great, no bugs to report and def production ready. Now to work on the same logic for a button in a scrollable container!
  9. Spoke too soon, is working now, can we close this out?
  10. I followed the documentation and assigned my totalProperty:

    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    url: GLOBAL.api + 'categories',
    limitParam: 'limit',
  11. Are you running compass and verifying that the SCSS is being compiled to the CSS?
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Updated FixedButton so that it's tied to X/Y coordinates so it now works in iOS. I'm assuming it will also work in Android/Blackberry as the code is pretty standard....
  13. I've incorporated the latest changes so now the example is using a tapmask. Still need to tie it to x/y coordinates instead of the element itself due to the sencha bug. But it works great in...
  14. Great read! Definitely given me the inspiration to extend this some more to override the touchmove bug and create a touchend 50px "ring" around the button instead.

    I'll work on making those...
  15. After testing in iOS, it appears that there is a bug in the touch targets, which I've submitted here:...

    Ext version tested:

    Touch 2.0.0GPL and 2.0.1RC
    Browser versions tested against:

    iOS 5.1
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  17. Oops, added the github repo and some example code to the top post.
  18. Wanted to add my two cents. When you use phonegap (at least in iOS), there are no cross-domain security issues. You can run regular ajax calls in case that does help you. A really great way to...
  19. GT.FixedButton

    This extends the Ext.Button in Sencha Touch 2.0 for a different, more iOS like user experience. As the name suggests this works well for buttons that are fixed and...
  20. This is the only thing that works because we need to actually delete the key. If we set the key as null or "", it still passes the option in as a query param.
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    We're currently using jsOAuth with Sencha but it's for OAuth 1.0 and requires cross-domain XMLHttpRequests, ie: only works in a phonegap or sencha native wrapper app.
  22. Frank, in terms of Sencha showing 2 seconds after the splash screen, you can solve it in this way:

    Go to your Cordova.plist in xcode and change AutoHideSplashScreen to NO.

    Then in your...
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    Without knowing any specifics of your app, let me give you some of my optimizations

    1. Only instantiate one panel at a time. Lazy load new panel and destroy all panels not in use.
    2. Be light...
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    Wondring what tool did u use to measure?
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    I just spent the last two hours banging my head on this. I know there are some other posts about hasMany not working with localStorage proxy but I found out the hard way before consulting the bug...
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