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  1. Thanks, It's awesome. I think it helps.
  2. I did try messing around with the CSS using firebug but no luck.

    Anyone has any luck rendering rounded corners content panel with completely white background for header as well as bode?
  3. Could someone help me with getting a Rounded ContentPanel background color to white completely?

    It works fine when not applying ContentPanel.setFrame(true).
    But I really want those round...
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    I think here's how I made it worked.

    When I download it, it's a .zip file.
    I renamed it to .jar and then I was able to extract it successfully.

    Sorry for the confussion.
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    I was able to download it. However, when I try to open it I get the following error:
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    It looks like the WindowWizard zip file is corrupted.

    Grant - Can you please fix it?
  7. Awesome.

    You're great!!!
  8. Is this released yet?

    I don't see it working in FF
  9. I tried the following approaches to be able to display 'close' tool button on MessageBox, but none of them seem to be working:

    MessageBox mb = new MessageBox();

    // tried one of the...
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    I really like to see Close icon (X) on the messageBox title bar as we normally see it in Windows apps.

    Let me know if I'm missing anything.

  11. Darell - Do you think you can answer this?

    I really like to see Close icon (X) on the messageBox title bar as we normally see it in Windows apps.

  12. It will be nice if MessageBox shows the Close icon (x) in it's title bar to close itself.

    Does anyone know how to show Close icon (x) in the title bar of MessageBox?

    It used to exist with...
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    Anyone has idea on how to set the maxlength html (prevent user from typing more than the length specified) attribute on TextField widget?
  14. Thanks for quick response.

    So what's the use of TextField.setWidth(...) property? I mean when would we use TextField.setWidth(...) property?

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    In HTML, the maxlength attribute of a Textbox prevents user from typing texts greater than what is specified by maxlength attribute.

    However, GXT's TextField.setMaxLength(...) method is used for...
  16. I tried the following and seems to be working:

    loginForm.add( txtLogin , new FormData(175, 22));

    But I'm not sure why can't we use TextField.setWidth(...) property.

    Any comments?
  17. If I set the setFieldWidth property on FormPanel itself as below, it applies this width for all the form fields:

    FormPanel.setFieldWidth( 50 );

    How do I apply different widths to login...
  18. I'm using gxt-1.1.1 release and the following code snippet doesn't seem to be setting the width of the TextField as coded:

    FormPanel loginForm = new FormPanel();
  19. Darell,

    Do you think you can post the snapshot of your apache config that enables compression for Explorer demo?

  20. Never mind. I'd screwed the logs and couldn't see the changes.

    It looks much better now.

  21. I also added loggin as follows but the deflate.log is always empty.

    DeflateFilterNote Input input_info
    DeflateFilterNote Output output_info
    DeflateFilterNote Ratio ratio_info
    LogFormat '"%r"...
  22. Awesome!!!

    Btw, I've added the following lines to the end of conf/httpd.conf file but I see no difference in download time.

    LoadModule deflate_module modules/
  23. Darell,

    Is it possible to configure the Explorer Demo website to use http compression either via using mod_deflate or other means?

    This would help demonstrate how to boost performance of ...
  24. I've added the following lines to the end of conf/httpd.conf file:

    LoadModule deflate_module modules/

    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE...
  25. Thanks. I'll give a try.
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