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  1. Duplicate:
  2. Here's a link to those release notes:

    In which announcement did you find a malfunctioning link?
  3. I couldn't find any existing bug reports that match this behavior. Are you able to recreate this in a test case?
  4. I've not used .NET before but I'm trying to work through this with you. What directory is the web root?
  5. Thanks for the report. I'm using Chrome 51 on Windows 7 but I've so far been unable to recreate this issue. When you are scrolling, are you clicking the scrollbar arrows, clicking in the scrollbar...
  6. Yes, it should be. Here's a thread with more information:
  7. Thanks for the report. This issue is being tracked as EXTJS-19657 and has already been resolved in 6.2.x.
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    Thanks for the request. I'll pass your suggestion along to our Documentation team.
  9. Thanks for the report. We're tracking that issue here:
  10. At first glance, it would seem that it timed out trying to reach the content at that URL. Seems to load fine for me. Are you able to reach it from the machine on which you are running your...
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    No, there's nothing built-in to support rowspan. Here's a thread that discusses a solution:
  12. The CSS should be at the relative URL (path) you listed in app.json. If your app is at D:\Projetos\Ext6\build\production\MyApp, then the path you listed above causes Cmd to expect them in the...
  13. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  14. The date for the full release has slipped a but. All estimates are subject to change, but the middle of next month is looking pretty likely at this point.
  15. Sorry, I should have taken a closer look at your original link. That example uses Ext JS 3.x, so much has changed. The link that udayp posted should be very helpful, and hopefully you can apply the...
  16. I did indeed read your post, but I don't personally know of a way to receive the record total in a separate request and place it into the toolbar. The toolbar automatically displays the total using...
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    You are setting the allowBlank config to false. Setting to true should allow a user to empty the date fields.
  18. So you're talking about a second bug being fixed, for which the fix affects the override on the original bug? I don't think Cmd can help with this. Generally one should evaluate current overrides...
  19. I believe that you need to put a renderer on the column to display as desired.
  20. It would likely be easier to get your data in one call as that is how the paging toolbar is designed to work. The doc example shows how to format your data....
  21. If your element were a button, you could use the setTooltip() method. Your element is a label?
  22. Glad to hear it! And thanks for sharing the solution with the community.
  23. So you'd like to start editing the Reason column after any edit to EffectiveDate or ExpirationDate? Have you looked at using the edit event?
  24. That seems fine, but it depends a bit on your application. Have you tried building it?
  25. Thanks for the report. This issue is being tracked as EXTJS-17386. It has been resolved for the next releases of 5.x and 6.x.
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