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  1. A hint for the developers: It seems, that this bug is located in the Ext.Button. If you destroy a panel with only a button inside, the panel get's destroyed, but the button resides in the Ext.cache...
  2. One question: The Source-Code of sencha touch is open source. So, by this thread is created an issue in the bug tracker (TOUCH-3482 as mentioned above). So I think this bug will be fixed some time....
  3. Hi!

    We've got the same problem. We are running Sencha Touch 1.1, are not able to upgrade to 2.x so soon. We are interested in the patch, when it is fixed, so we can port the patch back to our...
  4. Hi Rob,

    I had the same problem. Thank you for your blog post! After one and a half day of trial and error deep in the source code of sencha your blog post did the trick! It works! Thank you!
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    @tomalex() That's really great! Thank you!
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    @ tomalex(): I would also like to use your SqliteProxy in my app based on PhoneGap and Sencha Touch. Which license is your SqliteProxy? My app I create will be eventually a commercial product some...
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