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    Sencha, are you going to fix this? Is there even a bug logged for this?

    Actually, I'm only bothered by the initial click where the grid shifting happens. After that, subsequent clicks don't shift...
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    I too like to have { store: Ext.create() } available in Architect
  3. Also since my 2nd service url /services/xyz/id would return a different json (at least the root will be different for my reader), how do I specify the reader in my TreeStore? Is it possible to update...
  4. I understand that it will call the backend using the url defined in proxy, such as /service/abc?node=id. However, what if I want the node expansion to call /service/xyz/id?
  5. Is there a way to build a tree so that level1 nodes use Store1, level2 child nodes use Store2, and so on?

    The reason I want to do that is because in my tree the data at each level are different...
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    If you are already running deploy, what's the purpose to run cmd on the deployed folder? Sounds redundant to me.

    I really hope there is a solution that would:
    1) eliminate the need to check in...
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    I'm having trouble scripting the publish action in Architect to generate extjs files so I can use it in my build process.

    Since I see the command window being popped open, there must be some...
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