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  1. You probably do not want to hear this, but your complaints and sarcasm will only push people away. However, I know it can be frustrating when the experts do not reply, so maybe you can provide some...
  2. A few suggestions to try:
    Assign Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#txtreferenceSection')[0].getValue() to a variable outside of the filter loop, then just refer to it in your conditional. This should save...
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    Discasaurus for Android is getting better! I worked on the latest update for almost a year, but it fixes all of the issues previously mentioned here, and introduces some new capabilities, including:...
  4. Showing data from multiple stores in a dataview is easy: Just override the prepareData function in your dataview. However, binding the dataview to multiple stores is not supported, so if that's what...
  5. I have searched the web (including this forum) for an answer and found nothing related, so I hope you nice folks can shed some light on the problem: The Ext.Mask in my app is not behaving according...
  6. ST seems designed to favor progressive filtering (i.e. filter down to a subset of records, then perform another filter on that subset). Switching between two completely separate filters can require...
  7. Just beware that store.clearFilter() can take significant time to complete when working with many records. If need be, there is a way to obviate the clearFilter call (but it's not trivial).
  8. What should my minSdkVersion should be if I don't want my app to be available on devices whose webview environment is incompatible with the Sencha framework? Currently, I am using ST 2.0.1 in my app,...
  9. Thanks Jay. I will wait until the GA release (which will hopefully include a multiplatform themeing/packaging video or tutorial).
  10. I saw the blog post about WindowsPhone support (yay!), but I haven't found any Sencha Tough guides on how to achieve Microsoft's mobile UI style in a Sencha app. I would appreciate if someone would...
  11. Sounds like a fun project. Hopefully this helps:!/api/Ext.Ajax
  12. @Philip, an xtype can be used in a component query without any dot before it (see docs for more info). Regarding your ref-based control: I have found that refs work best when the referenced component...
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    The package includes an example. Are you getting an error? Keep in mind that it is not tested on ST2.1.
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    Shameless plug

    This app shows some other custom things it can do
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    I'm pretty sure that when you use refs, the component query is used once and the resulting component is cached for future references. However, if you use the selector (not a ref) within the...
  16. Yes, I'm using an HTC Incredible 4G LTE (ADR6410L)
  17. Thanks for sharing. This gives me hope for ST2.1

    Your site scrolls nicely on my dual-core Android phone in Mobile Chrome, but if I flick the page up and flick again before the momentum scroll...
  18. @Mitchell, I need a way to accommodate both services with the same Model and Store. Are you suggesting that I do something like this (shown below)?

    var store = Ext.getStore('Person'),
    proxy =...
  19. My only gripe with this otherwise sweet plugin is that disabling it has no effect. This is common with plugins (including some that I've written), but I thought it might be good if it could be...
  20. What's the best way to get server data into a store if the response format is different from one web service to another? Example:

    user/1 returns

    {id:1, name:'Charles'}
  21. Like many others here, I can't justify updating to 2.1 if there's going to be a list scrolling performance issue on Android. I see commentary about the betas and RCs, but has anyone confirmed if this...
  22. Update: After fiddling with some overrides, I figured out a way to really disable and re-enable the plugin. Please let me know if there are any concerns with this approach. Sample code is adopted...
  23. I would like to dynamically, disable and re-enable the plugin on an existing list. Is this possible?

    So far, I've discovered:

    pullRefreshPlugin.disable() does not disable the plugin at all...
  24. I'm not a guru at all, but this is interesting so I'll contribute what I can.

    "Default style for TabPanel is gradient color using css: background-image: -webkit-gradient right?"
    Answer: Yes
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    @realjax, I really appreciate your notes. I put that dropdown in there to hint that other countries are coming to Discasaurus soon. However, without a clear indication that it's not ready yet, it...
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